Parking in the Upper Parking Lot is a Privilege


Michael Collins

Senior Parking Lot

“The way we do parking is a rule; it’s a procedure, given to us by the roadway authorities (DOT). Whether you like it or not, that’s the way it is,”  says Principal Mike Sinclair when asked about why the pickup and drop-off lines are the way they are in the morning and afternoons.

Brashier students have been complaining about the drop-off line prohibiting them from getting to class on time. In the morning, parents are taking up senior parking spots to drop off their students near the gym instead of moving through the drop-off line.

Sinclair says, “In the morning in particular, we’ll have the parents park in spaces, and that’s okay. If the students have a project or all their stuff is in the back of the car, their parents can park by the gym instead of taking up time in the carline. Sometimes it’s just easier for them to park in a space down by the gym, than hold up all the other students in carline while they unload their belongings.”