President Obama’s Address on Education

“And we will expand our commitment to charter schools,” said President Obama on Tuesday, February 25, 2009. Teachers and students are asking, “What is this commitment?”

In his speech, President Obama addressed different issues that we, Americans, should face. Education was his third challenge that he discussed. He talked about how he wants to expand the commitment to charter schools.  “Charter schools can operate in different locations and populations,” said Mike Sinclair, Principle of Brashier Middle College Charter High School. There are different types of charter schools, but most of them have the same problem, no building. Mike Sinclair stated that providing a building or a building fund will be a big and valuable commitment to charter schools.

President Obama also said, “Dropping out of high school is no longer an option.” He stated that this nation has the highest dropout rates of any industrialized nation. He wants every child to have a “complete” and “competitive” education from the day they are born to the day they begin a career. “This is going to be hard to change since drop out rates are increasing every year, but if he can change this, I’m all for it,” said Corey Glenn, a junior at Brashier Middle College Charter High School.

The President, also stated that a high school diploma is not good enough anymore. Available jobs are requiring more than a high school diploma. But, half of the students who begin college never finish.