Stranger Danger!

Pepper spray can be a very helpful item when trying to escape from an attacker (Pictures credits to Kamryn Mattison).

Kamryn Mattison

Pepper spray can be a very helpful item when trying to escape from an attacker (Pictures credits to Kamryn Mattison).

There are many cases of kidnapping or missing persons every year, in the United States alone. In 2017, there were roughly around 651, 135 missing persons cases on file. Anyone can be involved in a missing persons case, including males and females of all age ranges. Due to the millions of kidnappings and people gone missing, there have been quite a few inventions created to try and decrease the numbers.

“I have some pepper spray and I take it everywhere. Anything that draws attention to an attacking situation will help save a victim. I would buy anything that will help in these types of situations so I could scare attackers away,” said junior Anna Jernigan.

Pepper spray is a common item that is carried around to help against attackers. However, there are also other and less painful ways to help prevent kidnappings. With the invention of the Safe Personal Alarm, one can press a button on a pocket-sized device that will then blare a sound that is as loud as a military jet during its takeoff. The Personal Safe Alarm may come in handy in some situations, but not everyone believes that it will be very helpful.

“I think it is a good idea but it is unnecessary. If you need to make sound, just use your voice box. In any situation where you can’t talk, then you would most likely be in a place where the alarm won’t help, and if you are actually being restrained then the alarms still won’t help anyway. Pepper spray is more effective, so I wouldn’t buy a Safe Personal Alarm,” said junior Andrew Wiles.

It is said that the number one factor in getting away from an attacker is being able to make enough noise to alert others of the situation. When kidnappers attack, they are sure to cover the mouth, preventing the victim from making any type of noise.

“I think the alarm will help depending on where you are. If you are in a deserted place then it is obviously not going to help, whereas if you are in the city then it can draw attention to you. I would buy it because I am extra cautious and I would want to have it just in case,” said junior Sakina Naqvi.

The alarm gives victims an easily accessible, very loud, potentially life-saving distress signal that can be used against an attacker. These alarms can be very useful because of the amount of attention that they attract.

“I think they are a really great idea and it is worth it to buy one. However, it would only help and make sense to have one when you are in a big area where people are around. I would definitely buy one because in this day in age, it is getting a lot more dangerous,” said senior Benjamin Yeargin.

Though the Safe Personal Alarms can save lives and prevent people from going missing, there are problems with the device. They can be used in situations where they are not needed. The devices also seem to be directed more towards a female audience rather than a male one; this is a problem because anyone can be attacked, so the product should not only target women.

“I just feel like a personal distress signal isn’t a great idea because there could be really petty people who try to exploit the alarm. They could use it whenever they want to, even if they are not being attacked. People could sound them whenever they get mad at something, causing false alarm to whoever hears it. Also, I feel like they are for girls and women rather than men,” said Wiles.

The Safe Personal Alarm has good intentions and can be very helpful in situations where it is needed, but not everyone feels that it would be very effective. Nonetheless, it is important that everyone takes precautions to keep themselves safe, especially in today’s society. The world is a dangerous place and everyone must stay safe; the Safe Personal Alarm is a good start at preserving the safety of everyone.

“In society now, you cannot be too safe. Things are not as safe as they used to be; it is not safe everywhere so you have to be protected. It is crazy to think that it has come to the point where we can’t live without these types of things because it is so dangerous. However, everyone can use this item because it is gender neutral, nobody is safe,” said Naqvi.

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