Sucker for the Jo Bros


Grace Daniel

People all around the world excitedly listen to the long-awaited Jonas Brothers single, signifying the reunion of their band and our childhood dreams (Photo courtesy of Grace Daniel).

Fans all over the world excitedly awaited the release of the most anticipated surprise album of our time. Not only was the album a shock for long-time fans, but so was the reunion of the band itself. The Jonas Brothers reclaimed the spotlight when they dropped their hit single Sucker just a few weeks ago.

“I first heard about them when I saw them in Camp Rock. I loved their songs. They were my childhood!” said junior Devki Bhatt.

The Jonas Brothers, comprised of Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, and Kevin Jonas, was a band most popular in the early 2000s. Gaining popularity and fans with the help of their involvement with Disney, supporters were devastated when the band announced their separation. Sucker is their first song released in six years.

“I think they were together for so long that they wanted to branch out and try their own things. I think they needed time away from each other so that they could learn more about themselves and come back even stronger,” said junior Savannah Acord.

While fans were disappointed with the brothers leaving each other to go down their separate paths, each brother left the band on a personal road to success. Joe Jonas became the lead singer and face of the band DNCE, which has become successful especially after the release of the song Cake by the Ocean in 2015. Nick Jonas became a successful solo artist releasing top-chart songs like Closer, Levels, and Jealous. Kevin Jonas decided to leave the life of fame for a while and start a family with his wife Danielle Jonas. Until now, that is.

“I love Nick and Joe [apart] and I think it was good for them to be separate for awhile. However, I’m really glad they got back together,” said junior Kaitlyn Runzel.

Rumors had been flying around for a few months, but no one knew for sure whether the brothers were bringing the band back or simply just spending more time together. However, on February 28th, 2019, the Jonas Brothers posted on their Instagram account a photo of their album cover with the caption “Midnight ET #Sucker”. With less than 24 hours notice, their album dropped and reached number one on almost every music chart in the country. The song even placed number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 list just 15 days after its release. The Jonas Brothers were the second band in history to place number one.

“I think that they realized they could be making a huge profit off of their band. It was absolutely heartbreaking when everyone who grew up with the Jonas Brothers found out they broke up. Reuniting brought back all of our childhood memories,” said Bhatt.

Along with their song, the Jonas Brothers also released a music video. Based on Alice in Wonderland, the video was filled with crazy costumes and ridiculous props. The video features Kevin and his wife Danielle Jonas, Nick and his wife Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and Joe and his fiancee Sophie Turner. They traveled to the Hatfield House where Queen Elizabeth I grew up. Somehow, they kept all their extravagant preparations a secret from the world.

“The video was so unexpected but I thought it was really cool! It seemed like they had a lot of fun spending time together as one big family and it really shined in the video,” said Acord.

Once the secret was released with the drop of the single, the Jonas Brothers were featured for an entire week on the Late Late Show with James Corden. They filmed challenges, comedy sketches, Corden’s famous Carpool Karaoke, and finished with the first live performance of Sucker. Each video has received millions of views on YouTube.

“It was so funny! I think it was nostalgic to see them on television again, and I think that it gave them a huge platform to help them promote themselves,” said junior Maggie Roosello.

Although most of their fan base is young adults, the revival of one of the generation’s most popular childhood bands is stirring up nostalgia all over the world. What began as elementary and middle schoolers obsessing over the pop rock band with the cheesy songs has grown into a worldwide icon that will continue to bring joy and entertainment to generations to come.

“I think they missed the music and spending time together. I love their new music and I think they’re going to be really successful now that they’ve joined forces again,” said junior Kaitlyn Runzel.