Summer Reading No Longer Mandatory.


Students enjoy reading during the summer

 Brashier students will find that summer reading has a new twist this year. It is not mandatory. Instead, student can read books and earn extra credit when they return for the 2012-2013 school year.  Although it might not be mandatory for students to read this summer, it is beneficial.

Principle Mike Sinclair says, “Research is clear that if a student doesn’t stay active academically, they tend to forget. In the first 4-6 weeks of summer, there’s a significant drop off of retention of information, and then it levels out. If you keep students engaged in an academic exercise such as summer reading, then they’re more likely to retain information.  It’s really important to us to keep students involved in reading.”

Last summer, students were required to choose a couple books from the list that went out for all of the Greenville county school districts and blog about it. When they came back to school this year, they had to demonstrate their understanding of the books by passing several quizzes and tests. This summer, students can read any book they want and however many they want. They, along with their parents, must fill out a reading log to show that they did actually read but no longer have to take any quizzes or tests on it the following year when they return to school. For each book they read, they will earn extra credit points.

Sinclair says, “It’s not about reading the easiest or most difficult books, it’s about reading something that will keep you going.”

To learn more about the summer reading specifications, click the link below.