The Pandemic Continues: COVID-19


Clara Cianfarano

Most grocery stores are almost out of everything; for instance, this store has many holes to fill in their can aisle (Photo courtesy of Clara Cianfarano).

The Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has rapidly gained the fear of everyone worldwide. First, China was hit hard with the virus; however, it soon took over Italy. As it began to now cover Europe, it didn’t take long for it to land in the United States. Due to its fast growth, much of the world has gone into quarantine or lockdown as it hits a little too close to home. 

“I think one big reason that it spread so rapidly is because people are taking it lightly,” said Mauldin junior Kaylee Maurer.

At first, many people didn’t take the Coronavirus threat seriously. Many warnings were put into place, but everyone still believed it to be a joke, almost as if it wasn’t real. As a few days went by, people slowly began to grasp the gravity of the situation. Everyone started rushing to stores trying to get what they needed to last them a while, causing a major struggle to keep shelves stocked. This has left the stores having little to none of the essential products from different kinds of foods to toilet paper.

“Schools are a big place that holds a lot of germs. And if one student has it, it could spread very fast and infect a lot of people. So, I think it’s a good idea to close to keep all the students safe,” said freshman Ava Cianfarano.

The Coronavirus has since caused schools to shut down and turn to online learning. This was taken as a safety measure to help slow the spread of the virus because it is so easily transmissible. At first, the shutdown in South Carolina was only for two weeks, but with the climax of the illness reaching local areas that time has now been extended for an additional month. This means that online learning will continue throughout this time and schools will remain closed until further notice. 

It has also closed many economic practices. For example, in the United States, President Trump has ceased all imports from Europe and China. Also, he is discussing possibly shutting down the Canada and Mexico borders. Next, Italy put the entire country on full lockdown; people were basically not allowed out of their houses at all. China put its entire country on lockdown as well to aid in slowing the spread of the COVID-19. A positive thing resulting from these legal decisions is that they have created a cleaner environment and atmosphere for the world we live in.

“While it isn’t really a problem for people like you and me, it could have a serious toll on kids who live with their grandparents or older people if they were to get infected,” said Woodmont junior Noah Couch.

Although there is still a high risk for younger individuals to catch the virus, most of the scare is for older individuals. The Coronavirus has a harder and more life-threatening effect on people who already have pre-existing health conditions, which is commonly found in the older generation. This is a reason why washing hands and staying in has become such a widespread motto for the globe as a whole because it is actually saving lives.

“I don’t think that [everyone] should be this worried because we are gonna get through it,” said Cianfarano.

Updated Coronavirus statistics (global):

  • Cases: 556,090
  • Deaths: 25,227
  • Recovered: 128,717

Updated Coronavirus statistics (United States alone):

  • Cases: 85,762
  • Deaths: 1,306
  • Recovered: 1,868