The REAL Royal Wedding


Enoch Orozco

Pewdiepie and Marzia were married August 19, 2019 (Photo Courtesy of Enoch Orozco).

“I’m getting married very soon, and Marzia, I can’t wait to be your husband,” said Felix Kjellberg, a.k.a. Pewdiepie, in a video uploaded on August 18, 2019, titled “Addressing the Rumours.” The Swedish Youtuber struck the hearts of his 100 million fans with this heartfelt sentiment.

However, when Pewdiepie said “soon”, no one expected soon to mean the following day. Felix Kjellberg and his fiance Marzia Bisognin (now Marzia Kjellberg) were married August 19, 2019. This was a shock for many fans, even diehards, considering Pewdiepie still managed to upload a video on his wedding day, which involved one of his editors staying home and missing the wedding, to keep up with the consistent daily uploads he has followed for the past 9 years of his career. 

The choice for the wedding date was far from insignificant. It marked the 8th year of the couple being together, and also happened to be the same week that Kjellberg reached 100 million Youtube subscribers, making him the first non-company content creator to reach this monumental goal. In the video he uploaded on August 26, titled “Best Week Ever.” he reacted to a post that addressed how his wedding fell on his 8th anniversary; he added, “And it’s also our wedding day. We thought for sure people would figure it out, like with the date being so obvious and people knew it would happen this year. We were just worried the press would come or something crazy. But it didn’t; everything went perfect. I’m so happy”. The added comment about press resonated with a lot of fans because of Kjellberg’s problems with media in the past, and the statement shed some light on why the wedding was kept a secret for so long. 

Enoch Orozco
Pewdiepie has uploaded every day for the past nine years (Photo Courtesy of Enoch Orozco).

Based on Instagram and Twitter comments about the wedding, it has been very positively received by both his fanbase and the media. He was even tweeted at by Youtube, the company that has been very indifferent with him in the past, congratulating him on finally tying the knot. When junior Cody Vogel was asked what he thought about the wedding, he said, “It made me very happy!” Many of Kjellberg’s fellow content creators and influencers congratulated the new couple via social media, and a few even made an appearance at the wedding. Two notable attendees were Jacksepticeye and CinnamonToastKen, two of Pewdiepie’s best friends and fellow content creators. 

Pewdiepie uploaded a video about his wedding, made by Handcraft Pictures. The video shows the beautiful venue as well as wedding preparations and the reception party. Overall the video is an expertly crafted and beautifully photographed display of the momentous and heartwarming occasion.

Pewdiepie finally managed to break his 9 year upload streak while on his honeymoon to Bali, taking one day off of consistent uploads to spend some time with his new wife. He even went so far as to vlog most of his honeymoon, showing the beautiful attractions and historical sites the couple visited in Bali.

The newlywed Youtuber has since returned from his honeymoon and has returned to his normal recording and uploading schedule. His fans are still in a joyous uproar about his incredible week, involving his 100 million subscriber achievement and getting married, and they are looking forward to the next episode in the life of Felix Kjellberg.