Your 2020 Presidential Candidates, Summarized


Chris Wenderoth

It can be difficult to find reliable information about political candidates. (Photo Courtesy of Chris Wenderoth)

With the 2020 presidential election quickly approaching, finding an honest and to-the-point description of each candidate, their beliefs, policies, and plans is imperative for choosing a candidate. At this point in the election, three Republicans and 12 Democrats are running for their party nominations. Republican candidates include current President Donald Trump, Joe Walsh, and Bill Weld. Democratic candidates include Michael Bennet, Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg, Pete Buttigieg, John Delaney, Tulsi Gabbard, Amy Klobuchar, Deval Patrick, Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer, Elizabeth Warren, and Andrew Yang. 

Current President Donald Trump filed the paperwork for his possible reelection in 2020 not long after taking office in 2017. He supports strict immigration policies and tax cuts.

Joe Walsh is a former Republican House of Representatives member and was also a Conservative radio host. Many of his own policies focus on his opposition to those implemented under the Trump Administration. Walsh has opposed the separation of immigrant families under the Trump and Obama administrations. He also believes that the federal government should intervene less in state education. 

Republican Bill Weld served as Massachusetts’ 68th governor from 1991 to 1997. He is also an attorney, businessman, and author. Weld has expressed his hopes for simplifying taxpaying in the U.S. should he become president. He also wants to make the legal immigration process simpler, while maintaining border security. On the nation’s issue of gun safety, Weld plans to uphold the 2nd Amendment. 

Michael Bennet is running as a Democrat. He has been a senior United States Senator since 2009 from Colorado. He is also a businessman and a lawyer. Bennet believes that bold action is needed to tackle the climate crisis, and plans to create a national commitment to conserve American land, water, and wildlife. He also hopes to end poverty in the U.S. and eliminate homelessness. 

Former Vice President Joe Biden is also running for the Democratic nomination. He is known for his time serving as Vice-President under former President Barack Obama. Biden has expressed his plans to strengthen the middle class, which he called “the backbone” of the country. He has also expressed his opposition to the current state of immigration under the Trump Administration. He has expressed his hopes to end gun violence and keep firearms out of the wrong hands. Biden also has expressed his plans to take on climate change with the Green New Deal. He plans to have the U.S. on zero-emission energy by at least 2050. 

Mike Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City (2002-2013), is also vying for the Democratic nomination. He plans to help the U.S move toward an economy that runs on clean energy and zero carbon. Bloomberg is a grandchild of immigrants and is pro-immigration. He believes that immigrants make the U.S. stronger, and hopes to make the country a “beacon of freedom and opportunity for people from around the world.”

Pete Buttigieg is a Democratic Politician who also hopes to win the Democratic Nomination. Buttigieg’s own father immigrated to the U.S., and he sees immigration as a positive part of American culture. He considers climate change an emergency and stresses that it will affect our coasts, farms, businesses, and homes. He plans to build a clean economy and out the U.S. on the track for climate security. 

John Delaney is an attorney, businessman, politician, and democratic nominee hopeful. To fight the nation’s climate crisis, Delaney plans to put a price on the use of carbon in hopes of reducing their emissions. In terms of gun safety, Delaney believes that universal background checks are absolutely necessary and that assault style weapons should not be allowed into the hands of just anyone. 

Tulsi Gabbard is the U.S. Representative to Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District. On the issue of gun safety, Gabbard says she plans to uphold the 2nd amendment as a constitutional right while maintaining reasonable precautions to keep firearms from falling into the wrong hands. In the past, Gabbard has called on congress for gun safety reform. She also plans to build a green economy run on 100% renewable energy. Gabbard also plans to maintain border security while  creating a fair asylum process. 

Amy Klobuchar, who currently serves as the Senior Senator from Minnesota, is another hopeful for the Democratic nomination. She supports the availability of universal healthcare for all Americans. She plans to make healthcare more affordable for all citizens. Klobuchar also plans to enforce gun policies in hopes of keeping the U.S. safer. Klobuchar is planning to tackle the climate crisis by making it an urgent priority should she be elected. 

Deval Patrick has been a Civil Rights Attorney, businessman, politician, author, and also was Massachusetts’ 71st governor. He is also running for the democratic nomination. He hopes to make changes that will last, like creating jobs, solving climate change, and growing the economy. He also hopes to change issues like immigration, taxes, and criminal justice with different values. 

Bernie Sanders, who has been serving as Vermont’s Junior Senator since 2007, is a frontrunner for the Democratic nomination. He plans to change America’s energy systems, which he says will create millions of jobs. He plans to reinstate the DACA program for those seeking asylum, and reshape the current immigration system. Sanders also plans to guarantee debt-free and tuition-free public colleges and cancel student debt. 

Tom Steyer, is a philanthropist, liberal activist, environmentalist, fundraiser, and hedge fund manager. He is also a hopeful for the Democratic nomination. Steyer plans to tackle climate change and provide clean water and air. Steyer also believes in what The 5 Rights: the right to health, the right to an equal vote, the right to clean air and clean water, the right to learn, and the right to a living wage. 

Elizabeth Warren is also a frontrunner for the Democratic nomination. She plans to tackle corruption in Washington politics. She also plans to reshape the current state of our immigration policies by making the process. In terms of climate, Warren plans to move to 100% clean energy. Warren also plans to cancel student debt should she be elected. 

Andrew Yang, philanthropist, entrepreneur, author, and lawyer, is running for the Democratic nomination as well. He believes that too much time is being spent arguing about American healthcare, and that there needs to be more action. He also plans to utilize aspects of the Green New Deal as the country tackles climate change. 

As we come close to the 2020 elections, it’s important to stay updated and informed about each candidate, what they stand for, and what they plan to do.