A World Without Christmas


Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to StockSnap

I guess this is what happens when you gamble Christmas away… (Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to StockSnap).

It was the twenty-fourth of December. Snow fluttered down from the grey clouds above. Horns blared from the cars on the crowded street. People were desperate to get home. There was nothing special about this night, it was still cold like every other night and people were still grumpy and ready to get home to a warm house. However, not everyone had a warm place to stay to escape the weather of this night.

Crawford was watching the chaos of the night, knowing everything was not all right. He had watched more people show more anger than kindness tonight. He couldn’t help but think that there was something about this day…

“Shouldn’t we all get along at least one day of the year?” 

The cars continued to honk and the people became more and more restless, just wanting to get home. Eventually the streets cleared. Crawford shivered; it was getting colder now. The night was almost dreary with men walking on the sidewalk, arguing. Crawford sat down on a bench. He began to think about his life. “What have I become,” he thought. The arguing men then walked past him. “Wait,” he said.

They slowly turned around to look at him. “We ain’t givin’ you no money!” said the man in the middle. “Please, I haven’t eaten anything in three days,” he said.

“What, do think is it some kind of holiday?” said the man on the left. “I can’t believe that we waste our tax money on people like you. Shouldn’t you have stocked up on that weird sale after Thanksgiving?” said the man on the right.

They turned to leave when a face from Crawford’s past arrived. Though he wasn’t exactly happy to see the man, at least it was a familiar face. It was his enemy, Thomas Weller.

“Is this man bothering you?” Weller asked the three men. When they replied yes, Weller whispered something into their ears and they left.

“Tell you what chump, remember all of those times in high school. You took almost everything from me…I lost it all,” said Weller. The memories hit Crawford like a truck. Pain, regret, loss…all hit in a hurricane of emotions. “Well, I would take everything from you like you did to me but you don’t really have anything so I can’t,” said Weller. Crawford pleaded with him.

“I know high school was hard, but I have nothing now. I am a penniless man, please show mercy. You got your revenge after all,” pleaded Crawford. Weller thought for a moment. “Kiss my boots Crawford, and I’ll help you. That’s all. You can have a warm room tonight and a meal too.”

“Please. If for nothing else, do it for today. It’s the twenty fourth of December,” said Crawford.

“There’s nothing special about today, you fool! Are you drunk? Drank your money away, Crawford. You never gave me any mercy before, did you? Nah no mercy, pucker up Crawford. Give daddy’s boots a smooch!” said Weller.

A wave of shame and disappointment went over Crawford. He could never. He turned down the offer. He watched his enemy walk away, but he was more certain than ever that he could do it. He could survive this weather.

Crawford found a small tent in the dumpsters. He needed food and to be warm. Crawford shivered. It was getting colder now. The snow was falling harder. No one was on the streets. He found nothing joyful, only a gloomy atmosphere. The clouds were beginning to cover the stars and the moon sky.

Crawford decided to sit for a moment and to look around. He thought about his failures, what he did in high school. “I gambled and lost everything,” he said. The snow was falling fast it was up to Crawford’s waist.

He stood up but quickly fell down. His fingers were blue now. He almost couldn’t feel them. He couldn’t die now. Not today. His gamble…his mistake, it cost him everything. He did this…this awfulness.

“Christmas, where are you!?” screamed Crawford. No one heard him. He was going numb. His vision kept fading in and out of focus.

He laid down. He couldn’t feel his body. It was numb. The snow was covering him. Crawford’s eyesight faded out of focus, but quickly came back to focus. He was completely numb now. He attempted to crawl back to his tent but never quite made it. His vision left him completely and the snow quickly covered his body. There was no ceremony, no sadness, no spirit. I guess that’s what happens when you gamble Christmas away…