Brashier Senior Survival Guide


Ashlyn Athey

This is the home page of my Senior Project website, which is required of every senior. Senior Project is one of the hallmarks of Brashier. However, it doesn’t have to be as frightening as many people make it out to be (Photo Courtesy of Ashlyn Athey).

Senior year. It is a bittersweet time of your life that you have been working towards for your whole academic career and will probably never forget. Among searching for colleges, looking for scholarships, and trying to avoid senioritis, seniors at Brashier also have to complete a Senior Project of their choice.

For my Senior Project, I learned how to dance South Carolina’s state dance (the Carolina Shag), teach dance lessons, and hold a one night event in which I taught a group of guests to dance. While several seniors may tell you that Brashier’s notorious required project is simply a hassle and waste of time, I truly did find mine worthwhile. Fortunately, I’m not the only one who thinks the same.

“This project helps you become like an adult and manage responsibility,” said senior Nia McNab, who did special effects makeup.

Although Senior Project helps you develop essential life skills, I will be completely honest with you; it really does take some effort on your part.

“After Christmas Break, everything hits you. If you fail this class, you won’t graduate. Knowing that your classes actually matter and that your teachers are pushing you to the stage was my favorite part,” said senior Caroline Earle, who completed an art project.

Picture of senior project teacher Mrs. Lehman’s board with a description of what project each senior is completing (Photo Courtesy of Ethan Lamont).

Despite all the stress of senior year, some seniors have found some great ways to relax and relieve stress.

“Meditation was [a] great [stress reliever to me] because you’re sitting in a quiet room, and nothing can go wrong. [My advice is to] keep calm and carry on,” said senior KC Nicklaus, who created a book.

Easier said than done, right? Well, a few seniors have discovered a secret for success–turning work in on time.

“Do everything for your senior project early, and do something you would like,” said senior Alexis McCullough, who created wigs.

A regular day in Mrs. Lehman’s classroom in the shoes of a senior (Photo Courtesy of Ashlyn Athey).

While you may feel on top of the world with your project one day, the next day you may find yourself stuck in a hard place.

“[My project] was a rollercoaster with a lot of ups and downs. Make sure you can control all the variables , and be confident in your project. You’re not going to want to finish it if you aren’t motivated,” said senior Victoria DeCasas, who made a skin care line.

The back board in the senior project classroom is always filled with helpful information and due dates (Photo Courtesy of Ashlyn Athey).

Perhaps the most wonderful part of Senior Project is the friendships and relationships you form.

“[My favorite part] was getting close with the people in my senior project class, especially because I was in a smaller class. Procrastination didn’t get the best of me this time!” said senior Jearni McKinney, who did woodturning.

In the end, you won’t remember how many journals or research documents you wrote, but rather the people who accompanied you in the journey along the way.