Changes to the Championship?


Photo courtesy of Tyler Davidson

After the end of the college football playoffs, many people want changes to be made to the playoffs (Photo courtesy of Tyler Davidson).

The college football season has just wrapped up with the Clemson Tigers winning the National Championship 44-16 over the Alabama Crimson Tide. This title game ended with many impressive feats accomplished. One of those feats being Alabama’s biggest loss under Nick Saban (next biggest loss is Oklahoma beating Alabama 45-31 in the 2014 Sugar Bowl). Clemson was also the first team to go 15-0 in the modern football era and Clemson’s freshman quarterback, Trevor Lawrence, was the first true freshman to win the national championship since Oklahoma quarterback, Jamelle Holieway, in 1985. Many people have pointed out that this game is Clemson cementing its team as a dynasty. Clemson has been congratulated on their victory by many people such as the President of the United States.

“Congrats to a truly great football team, the Clemson Tigers, on an incredible win last night against a powerful Alabama team. A big win also for the Great State of South Carolina. Look forward to seeing the team, and their brilliant coach, for the second time at the White House,” said President Trump in a recent tweet.

Despite all of the excitement during the National Championship game, viewership was down eleven percent from the previous year. This year’s big game had approximately 25 million viewers compared to last year’s game with 28 million viewers. The game also had the second lowest game rating since the Miami-Nebraska championship game in 2005.

Throughout the process, many fans were dissatisfied with the teams selected for the playoffs. The teams in the playoff are currently selected by a committee but some football fans think that the teams should be chosen by some sort of formula. This formula would factor in things such as record and strength of schedule. People argue that the formula would be unbiased.

“I think they should cut the season two weeks short and have a sixteen team playoffs instead of four teams. The problem with the playoffs is it is almost the same thing every year with the same teams. With this change, I think the playoffs would be more diverse,” said junior John Arndt.

Another way fans are disappointed, and would like to see change, is in the number of teams in the playoffs. Many fans were disappointed to see that teams like Georgia and Ohio State did not make the playoffs. More drama was added to this when both the teams that replace Georgia and Ohio State were blown out. Many fans want to see the playoffs expand to eight or sixteen teams. This would give other teams in college football a chance to win. On the flip side, it also gives the top teams more of a chance to lose to another lower ranked team.

“I think we should have a six-team playoff with the first two seeds receiving byes. This would help include all of the undefeated teams and more conferences could be represented in the playoffs,” said junior Carson Paris.

No matter what happens, if the playoffs expand or stay the same or if the committee is still choosing, teams will be working to get to the championship. However, as Clemson’s strength and conditioning coach Joey Batson said, “They don’t put championship rings on smooth hands…they put championship rings on calloused hands.”