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What would you do for your candy? (Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to Zoosnow)

What would you do for your candy? (Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to Zoosnow)

Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to Zoosnow

What would you do for your candy? (Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to Zoosnow)

Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to Zoosnow

Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to Zoosnow

What would you do for your candy? (Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to Zoosnow)


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10 A.M., Halloween, The Thompson’s Kitchen

“Jay, go get your brother from his room and tell him that breakfast is ready,” Mrs. Thompson demanded as she scrambled through the papers laying on the marble countertop. Just as Jay moves to get him, Zayden came running down the stairs, straight to the plate of food that his mom had prepared for him.

“Thanks for the pancakes and bacon mom, could I have some more?” Zayden begged while he stared intently at his mother.

“No, Zayden. It’s Halloween, and you will be getting more than enough candy later, you don’t need any more pancakes. You haven’t even finished the two that you have and you used way too much syrup. That isn’t good for you,” Mrs. Thompson exclaimed laughing.

“But mom! I’m a growing boy! I need more! The sweet, sweet pancakes and syrup need to be in my tummy,” he replied.

“No honey. Finish your food and then go up to the attic and get the rest of the decorations, so we can put them up before tonight.”

“Fine, but I don’t want to go up there. I would have in the old house, but not in this one. We should have never moved. This house is old and who knows what is up there.”

“Zayden Joshua Thompson, go get those decorations or you will not be going trick-or-treating tonight. I won’t feel bad about it either because you are already 14, and that’s too old to be going anyway!” stated Mrs. Thompson with a finality in her tone only a mother can achieve.

“Fine, geez,” he sighed as he put his dirty plate in the dishwasher and ran up the stairs.

Zayden shuffled up the creaky stairs of the attic one by one and reached the dark, humid room at the top. It smelled like dirty feet and mold, and the light switch was hidden behind a stack of boxes that contained random gadgets and gizmos. The rest of the room was cluttered with boxes too, and it seemed as if someone had been there recently, as some of the junk had been moved to the side to create a walkway. When he finally reached the light switch, he realized it was useless because the light was too dim to see anything. He heard a noise come from the back of the room and the sound of shuffling feet followed.

“H-Hello?” Zayden stuttered. He was terrified. Suddenly, a large figure with a mask on jumped out from behind some of the boxes and screamed in his face. Zayden screamed and fell to the ground.

“Ha-ha! Loser! You love Halloween but you get scared so easily,” teased Zayden’s older brother, Jay, as he pulled off the mask.

“Ha. Ha. Ha. You got me. Good for you. Just help me take the rest of the decorations downstairs.”

“Fine, there was one in the back corner, go get it, I’ll grab these,” Jay said as he pointed to and picked up the boxes sitting in front of him, proceeding to walk down the stairs. Zayden grabbed the decorations from the back corner and followed his brother. When they reached the kitchen, they started to unpack the boxes, and Mrs. Thompson began setting them up. At the bottom of the box Zayden was unpacking, he found something interesting.

“Mom, what is this?” he asked full of exhilaration. He pulled out the scariest costume he had ever seen.

“Hmm…I’m not sure. I have never seen that before. You should use it tonight,” she replied.

“Obviously! This mask is killer!” he exclaimed. The mask was white and red with a huge devilish smile. The pearly white teeth were sharper than knives, and the yellow pupils of the eyes were surrounded by darkness. The enormous ears, along with the forehead, were covered in black and red jewels; the top of the head was full of red and black feathers that were also present on the shoulders of the costume. The rest of the costume consisted of all black clothes decorated in the same red and black feathers.

“I’m going to go chill for a while until it’s time to leave,” he said, done unpacking, now that he has found the perfect costume.

“Alright, honey. Have fun,” Mrs. Thompson answered as Zayden ran back up the stairs, costume in hand.

9:30 P.M., 2 and a half hours before the takeover, The Thompson’s House

“Zayden, come downstairs, your friends are here waiting for you,” screamed Mrs. Thompson.

“Coming, I just have to put on my costume really quick,” he replied. Zayden jumped out of his bed, grabbed his costume, and started to put it on. After putting on the clothes, he lifted the mask onto his head, felt a sharp pain throughout his body, but brushed it off. He walked downstairs and found his friends sitting on the porch.

“Alright guys, I’m ready, c’mon,” he said.

Jaime, Sophia, and Mason followed him out of his yard and onto the sidewalk. Jaime and Sophia were dressed as two creepy twin dolls and Mason was a clown.

“Where are we going first? We need to go to the houses that give out the good chocolate bars before they run out,” Mason stated.

“Yea, sounds good. By the way Zayden, your costume is really cool. It’s totally scary,” Sophia said.

“Thanks. It’s kind of heavy though,” he replied.

“Let me see,” Mason said. Zayden grabbed the top of his mask and pulled upward. It wouldn’t come off.

“It-It won’t come off,” he panicked.

“Calm down, I’ll get it,” Mason said as he grabbed the mask and pulled as hard as he could. It still wouldn’t come off.

“Yea, dude, it’s st-,”

Zayden fell to the ground. He had lost all feeling in his body and he couldn’t control anything. Just as quick as he fell to the ground, he shot off of it, and punched Mason right in the face.

“Dude, what the heck!” Mason screamed loudly.

“I’m sorry! I-I-I can’t feel anything…at all. I didn’t do it! It wasn’t me! I can’t control anything,” Zayden exclaimed.

“What do you mean you ca-,”

A menacing laugh came from behind the kids. They looked around but couldn’t find the source of the chuckling.

“Hey! Hey idiots! I’m back here, on the back of the first idiot that decided to put me on,” said a strange, demonic voice. Zayden turned around and on the back of his shirt was a face.

“Umm…Zayden your shirt is talking. Where in the world did you ge-,” Jaime began.

“Hey girl, shut up. First of all, call me Luci. Second, since you decided to put me on, we are going to play a little game. You have to get me a thousand pieces of candy by midnight, or I will completely take over your body. Every thirty minutes, I will move closer and closer to the center of your soul, and, as I do so, the less of your soul there will be. It’s already ten, you have two hours, I suggest you start moving,” Luci said, menacingly laughing.

“No way. This isn’t real. You guys are playing a joke on me. Very funny, now you can stop so we can go get candy,” Zayden laughed.

“You wish this was a joke. Now you have 119 minutes to get me my candy. Hurry up,” Luci growled.

“Zayden, this isn’t us. I think your costume is haunted,” Sophia cried.

Zayden then started to walk weirdly down the street, still unable to control any of his movements.

“I said go! What do you not understand? Did I stutter? I want my candy! If I need to control you to get you started, I will. Now, walk!” Luci hissed again.

“Okay, okay! Guys, let’s go, I might need your help,” Zayden said in terror.

“No way! We don’t mess with demons,” the girls said simultaneously. They ran off leaving Zayden and Mason with Luci.

“Don’t worry bro, I’ll help you,” Mason said reassuringly. They started walking house-to-house, getting as many pieces of candy from each as they could; however, many houses only allowed them to take one piece.

11:00 P.M., 1 hour before the takeover

An hour later, Zayden had acquired 495 pieces of candy. He counted every piece, being careful not to lose count. It was a lot of candy, but he had an hour left and still needed 505 pieces. It was late, many houses had turned off their lights, but Zayden was determined to get the rest of the candy. Along with Mason, he wandered into a bigger neighborhood that was famous for giving out a lot of candy on Halloween. He went to the few houses that were still giving out treats, and he acquired 350 more.

“Here bro, just take the rest of mine. I only have 40 pieces because I gave you the rest already, but it will help,” Mason said, handing his candy to Zayden.

“Thanks, dude,” he replied.

11:55 P.M., 5 minutes before the takeover

Zayden and Mason had been walking for another hour, but couldn’t find any more houses that were still giving out treats. Just as they were losing hope, Sophia and Jaime came walking around the corner.

“How much more candy do you need? We will give you ours too. Sorry for running away earlier,” they said in union.

“I need 115 more pieces, and it’s alright. I would have been scared too,” Zayden replied. The girls sat down and started counting their pieces. Even together, they only had 114 pieces of candy.

“Guys, I still need one more piece! What am I going to do? I only have three minutes left!” Zayden cried.

“Maybe your mom has candy left, your house is only right down the street,” Mason suggested. They started to run as fast as they could, once they reached Zayden’s house they only had two minutes left.

“Mom! Mom! Open the door! Hurry,” Zayden pleaded, while his friends banged on the door. It took a total of one minute and thirty seconds for Mrs. Thompson to open the door.

“You have 30 seconds left, kid,” Luci said harshly.

“Mom, where is the candy?” Zayden screamed.

“It’s upstairs. What is going on?” she answered. Without answering, he ran up the stairs.

“Where!?” he screamed frantically searching.

“Times up!” a loud voice boomed throughout the house.

“No!” Zayden’s friends screamed.

“You kids should get home, it is late and your parents are probably looking for you,” Mrs. Thompson said, pushing Mason, Sophia, and Jaime out of the door.

“But Mrs. Thom-,” they began as she slammed the door in their face.

 Zayden came running down the stairs.

“Good job honey. Now you have all of their candy for yourself. You need to go thank your brother for making the voice box to put in the back of your suit. He made it rather quickly, only took him a few hours. You are lucky you went up to the attic when you did,” Mrs. Thompson chuckled.

“I will, thanks for coming up with the great idea mom. Good night,” he replied, walking up the stairs toward his room, candy in hand.

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