Jeepers Creepers


Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to PublicDomainPictures

Potentially dangerous situations are always present, reminding us to be vigilant and stay safe (Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to PublicDomainPictures).

One night, I was taking the trash out from work when I heard someone say, “Yo, you know any good places to hide?” I was surprised to see two young men about my age walking towards me. After talking with them for a while, I learned that they were trying to hide from an ex-girlfriend who was stalking them. While my shift leader eventually handled the situation, I thought about what I would have done in case something had gone wrong. As teenagers, we are constantly on the run. From meeting with our friends at Haywood Mall to walking the dog by ourselves in the neighborhood, and in this constant back and forth, we put ourselves in potentially dangerous situations every day. Even though the chance of something happening to endanger our safety is slim, there have been a few close calls for some fellow Brashier students.

“I had a friend whose parents were crazy. I was in the car with my friend and her parents, and they started driving me somewhere I did not want to go. They wanted me to give them my phone, but I didn’t. I was going to call the police but I did not tell my mom where I was going and thought I would get in trouble if I did,” said junior Riya Patel.

In order to know how to respond to these situations, it’s important to remember a few tips on how to stay safe out in the real world.

“One time, my family and I were at Myrtle Beach late at night on the boardwalk, and some drunk guys were laughing and followed our family down the boardwalk. Our plan was to cross the street if they kept following us, but there was too much traffic. [Eventually], we got to the hotel. [My piece of advice] is to always carry your phone with you so you can contact people you know,” said sophomore Jordan Fanuele.

Technology is a wonderful tool to use during risky situations. There are several apps you can use, such as Watch Over Me, which alerts your emergency contacts, turns on your video camera, and sounds an alarm if you deliberately shake your phone.

“There are apps you can get so, if you feel unsafe, you can call the police. For example, there is one that you can hold down a button on your phone, and if you let go of the button, it calls the police. On iPhones and Apple watches, you can get Emergency SOS too,” said senior Lauren Ervin.

It is also better to travel with someone else so that if something does happen to you, there will be a witness to intervene.

“Stay calm and don’t overreact. My dad and I were at a gas station, and a random guy asked us for money. We asked him to go away, but he didn’t. Eventually, we got in the car and drove away. In the [potentially dangerous] situation I was in with my dad, I knew my dad wouldn’t let anything happen to me, and I wouldn’t let anything happen to him. [Also], if I was older, I would get my concealed weapons permit instead of pepper spray,” said junior Sam Cooter.

Although you don’t necessarily need to invest in a concealed weapons permit, you don’t have to be paranoid to be prepared for a potentially dangerous situation. Know your surroundings, have a plan, and be safe out there!