Jessie’s Girl

Is Jessie really a friend? (Photo courtesy of pixabay, photo credits to Pexels)

Photo courtesy of pixabay, photo credits to Pexels

Is Jessie really a friend? (Photo courtesy of pixabay, photo credits to Pexels)

Everyday Rick had his normal routine; get up, shower, walk his dog, and last, but certainly not least, spy on his neighbors. He had known them since high school and had been in love with Jessie’s wife, Monica, from the moment he met her. He would secretly write songs in his room about what the two lovers have.

“She loves me, I know she does,” Rick repeated several times while sitting alone in his candlelit room, staring at pictures of Monica, until he heard knocking on his door.

“Rick, open up! We need to talk right now,” Jessie yelled through the door.

“This is my chance,” Rick whispered to himself as he headed to open the door. “Jessie, how nice to see you, how’s Monica?”

“Don’t even ask about her. I know what you’re up to.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You seriously don’t think I don’t see you staring into our windows!? Or hear you backstage during rehearsal singing songs about the love of my life? I’m out of the band, I just can’t deal with this anymore. Get over this never-ending phase Rick, shes mine and will be until the day I die,” Jessie screamed, stomping furiously away.

When Jessie got home, he told Monica that he had quit the band. Monica questioned him since, at one point, the band was more important to him than she was. Jessie did not have the heart to tell his wife what was really going on, he did not want to scare her.

“Why won’t he tell me?” Monica thought. Unfortunately his elusiveness, confirmed the reoccurring thought she often had that the lead singer, Rick, treated her better than Jessie ever did. He made her feel beautiful and happy, she was in love with Rick no matter what Jessie did for her, and Jessie’s vague reasons made her more sure of her love for Rick.

“Honey, let’s invite Rick to have dinner with us tonight. It has been so long since we’ve said anything more than just a neighborly hi in passing to him,” said Monica wanting to see the man who had been there for her when her own husband was not.

“That doesn’t sound like a great idea, I want it to be just the two of us tonight.”

“Come on, we won’t ever get to see him again, since you aren’t in the band anymore. I think we should stay close with him.”

“Okay, fine I guess, but he can’t stay for too long.”

Monica did not understand anything that was happening between her husband and Rick. They have always been best friends and in a band together. Why did Jessie want to change everything all of a sudden?

Later that Night

Rick, I made fish, your favorite,” said Monica handing him a huge plate full of fish and vegetables. “I know you’ve been on a health kick lately and wanted to make sure that I wasn’t going to ruin that,” she explained, acting like the two men did not have unspoken tension between them.

“How sweet of you, I really appreciate how much you care for me,” said Rick taking the food.

The meal goes on in complete silence, only broken by the sound of plates and silverware clanking. Once dinner was over and the house was almost dark, Rick snuck back in and began to laugh uncontrollably. He started down the long, narrow hallway, still laughing, to their bedroom.

“Rick, what do you think you’re doing?” asked Jessie following Rick from the living room, only to see him going through his wife’s things. Looking deranged, he grabbed something and ran out of the house as fast as he could. Realizing the clothes Rick was rummaging through were not Monica’s, Jessie tried to chase after him, but after a while he decided to start walking back to his house.

“Why did she have men’s clothes in our room? Those weren’t mine and they definitely weren’t hers. She couldn’t have done anything with…Rick…”

Going through a dark alleyway as a shortcut, thinking about what could have been, Jessie started to hear footsteps mimicking his own. As he begins to run, he hears the footsteps getting louder. When he turned around to look, he tripped but recovered quickly enough to get up and start running again, this time faster. But it wasn’t enough.

Hearing a knock on the door Monica opened it, and what she saw was absolutely breathtaking. Rick was standing there, flowers in hand, wearing the jean jacket that her husband always wore, but this time it was stained red.