Sweet Rides or Safe Rides


Jonathan Schrader

Luxury cars may be a dream for some people, but are they really worth all the money invested in them for a teenage driver? (Photo courtesy of Jonathan Schrader)

Driving, one of the most exciting things about high school. Teens can finally go wherever they want without having to wait for a parent. Once teens are able to drive, it gives them a new element of freedom. After they reach this step in life, the question begs, what type of car, cost efficient or luxury, should a teenager get as his or her first car?

“I think the best car should be as safe as you can get and the price shouldn’t matter as long as you can afford it. Teenagers can be really reckless sometimes so a luxury car may not be the most practical for them, but I don’t think this should rule out getting one completely,” said junior Megan Wetherald.

Most teenagers would love to have the nicest car that they can possibly have, but this may not be the best option as teenagers are the most inexperienced drivers. From 2008 to 2012, 2,420 kids in between the ages of 15-17 were killed in a car accident when they were driving. Because teens are new to driving, it may be an unwise investment. However, older cars have more issues but newer cars cost more to attain.

“I just don’t think it’s the best idea for teens to have [luxury cars] because it can be a waste of money if something goes wrong really quickly,” said junior Clara Cianfarano.

Even though having a newer car may be more expensive, teenagers should not be stuck in older cars that lack newer safety enhancements. Advancements such as Electronic Stability Control help assist drivers by helping control the car in unsafe conditions and Automatic Stopping help prevent crashing into other cars and things on the street. These advancements can help issues not occur as frequently.

“I don’t mind my simple and older car. Newer and nicer cars may have better safety features, but I believe they are just to aid people who are poor drivers. I don’t think they are necessarily needed if the driver is actually a decent driver and pays attention to what they’re doing,” said sophomore Tristan Duy.

While newer vehicles may be safer, it may not be the only advantage that these cars have. Buying a nicer car that others even recognize and desire can bring more confidence to a person.

“I don’t regret one cent that I have put in my car because it has just made the entire experience better for me, I feel so confident when I see it and get to drive it,” said junior Jonathan Schrader.

Despite the arguments for and against each side, the only person whose opinion matters in which type of car, luxury or cost-efficient, to purchase is the person purchasing the car.