The Door That Leads to Nowhere


Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to lppicture / 380 images

"I scaled the decrepit ladder and popped up into the dank hole of a room." (Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to lppicture / 380 images)

“We wouldn’t be moving anytime soon, they said,” I thought to myself as I pulled my labeled boxes out of the UHAUL truck. “You can finish high school in Hartford, they said.”

Pulling the boxes labeled, Izzy’s Clothes from the truck, I glared at my “new” house. “New” was pushing it; it was definitely not new. My parents, who forced me into this hell hole, were ecstatic to be living inside a piece of history, which is surely not how my siblings or I perceived it. Stars Hollow was more ancient than historic. A shout from the front steps snapped me out of my gaze.

“Izzy! Let’s go! We need to finish unloading the truck before dinner!” said Erica, my obnoxiously snobby older sister.

I could always count on her to boss me around, that’s for sure.

“Just ignore her,” said my twin brother, Dylan. Unlike Erica, Dylan was actually a decent person, even if we didn’t always get along.

Reluctantly, I dragged my now dusty brown, white converse high tops up the filthy, concrete steps into the musty foyer of the house.

“Great,” I thought, “A smell almost as disgusting as Erica’s attitude.”

My mom directed me up the rickety, wooden, spiral staircase to my bedroom, where I dumped all my things in the far corner, by the barely transparent window. My bed, that was already brought up, was leaned against the greasy walls. My eyes immediately closed shut as I flopped on the rock I had for a mattress.

I awoke the next morning, light gleaming in through the grimy window.

“Knock, knock,” Dylan said as he waltzed into my room. “Mom and Dad need us to put some boxes in the attic,” He said with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

I grudgingly arose from my bed and shuffled along the creaky floors, only to see the towers of boxes that lined the hallways. I dipped down to pick up one of the boxes; realizing it was labeled Books, I turned and picked up another labeled, Pillows. My brother pulled the string in the ceiling that led to the attic door.

“Ladies first,” he said with a smirk.

I rolled my eyes as I trudged up the ladder, carrying the box of pillows. My head peeked through the opening in the ceiling, and I immediately felt a drop in my stomach.  The pitch black room felt moist against my skin, flooding my mind with feelings of disgust.

I shuddered. “It’s just my mind playing tricks on me,” I thought.

I placed the box on the hardwood floor and returned to the ladder to get another box.  When I turned back around, Dylan’s torso was enveloped by darkness as he slipped into the attic.

“Hey, Izzy! Come check this out!” Dylan shouted from the attic.

I scaled the decrepit ladder and popped up into the dank hole of a room. I turned on my phone flashlight and found Dylan crouched next to a small door. He opened it, exposing whatever lay behind it.

A barren brick wall was the only thing in our sight.  “Odd,” I said, “A door that leads to nowhere.”

He shut the door, and we overheard a high pitched screaming.

“Dylan! Izzy! Get down here!” Unmistakably Erica.

Dylan and I looked at each other with irritated glances as we walked towards the hole in the floor. Immediately after I placed my foot on the top step, we heard a creak coming from the dark corner of the attic, exactly where the door was located. I flipped my flashlight back on, revealing the door hanging wide open. Dylan wandered over to the opening and turned towards me with wide eyes.

“Izzy, did I shut this door?” He asked quietly.

“Yes?” I said. “You shut it about two seconds ago.”

He motioned me to come over with a hesitant hand gesture.

When I arrived at the gaping door, there was no longer a brick wall, but a vast, dark hole. There was a large gust of wind that came from it, along with a significant drop in temperature. We looked at each other and not a second later, bolted for the exit, leaving the door to nowhere wide open.

We both ignored the ladder and hopped through the hole to get back to safety as fast as possible, almost crushing Erica in the process.

“OUCH!! Don’t either of you have a brain?! Act your age for once!” She screeched at us, while we were scrambling to get up off the floor.

Erica snatched a box from one of the piles, gave us one last dirty look, and tramped up the steps into the chilling attic. Dylan and I followed suit, each of us with a fresh box in hand. When I mounted the last step, Erica was in my sight, and out of the corner of my eye, I watched the small door creak shut. She returned to the main floor, so now I was in the attic, alone, with whatever came out of the gloomy hole. I quickly placed the box on the floor and practically shoved Dylan out of the way so I could escape to the safety of my room. I slammed the door shut and slumped onto my mattress. As I fell asleep, I heard Erica squawking at Dylan, telling him what a clumsy boy he was; I would have said something, but I was too exhausted from the days events to move.

My eyes shot open. I looked at my alarm clock that read 3:04 a.m. I rolled my eyes, just wishing to fall back asleep. However, in the middle of my thought, I realized that my door was ajar.

There was a tall, dark silhouette standing in the opening, nothing between me or the creature. It started stalking its way through the door frame, into my room. There was another gust of wind and temperature drop. Its body was now hanging over me, with an outstretched hand that covered my mouth, turning me mute. A sound, almost as if a plane was firing up its engines, roared in my ears. When it became too intense to handle, it turned silent, and I was no longer in my bedroom. I saw a tunnel of light leading to an exit, but as I started dashing towards it, it was gone in an instance. The space became dark and damp, almost as if I was swimming in a pool of ink. I turned around, and the creature was in my midst.  I felt a drop in my stomach, and my mind was flooded with feelings of distress. Then a seemingly impossible thought occurred to me:

I was inside the door that leads to nowhere.