The Eternal Dream



Scared and trapped forever, Tiffany faces her stalker, yet again… (Courtesy of U.S. Department of Energy via Pinterest).

I walk towards her as she makes her final blood-curdling scream… and then I’m… awake? Did I kill someone? I don’t even know that girl! It’s okay; it was just a dream. 

This is going to be a weird Halloween for sure. Whatever. I shake off the nerves and get ready for work. Leaving the house, I immediately notice a chill is in the air. Decorations line shop windows and kids are already in their costumes. As I’m walking up the sidewalk, I notice this girl walking a few paces ahead of me. She looks familiar, too familiar. She must recognize me too. She turns around and stops. I stop too. We stare into each other. I wonder to myself, is that her? The one from my dream? She takes off in a panic and runs down the street. Confused, I watch her go.

Why does she recognize me? Was she… scared? I go through my day, as usual, only stopping to wonder about her now and again. After work, I head home. I don’t have any Halloween plans, but I can’t stop thinking about that girl either. I have to see her again. Maybe that dream was a premonition. Maybe, I’m meant to meet that girl? This is crazy. I can’t talk to this random girl. There is just something different about her… something that leaves me yearning for more. 

I go into town and buy a doctor’s costume. It was on sale. I just happened to notice it. That girl in my dream, she was dressed as a nurse. Maybe she will be dressed as one in real life too. What if the dream was my future? I change at the store and then set out to find her. There is a big party every year at a frat house nearby; she has to be there. It’s a Halloween hotspot. I wait outside, just a few blocks away. I feel like a hunter as I lie in wait for my prey.

Sure enough, here she comes, dressed as a nurse. She looks… anxious? I let her hang out with her friends for a little while to get her comfortable, and then I go in. Somehow through the thick crowd, we make eye contact. And just like that- everything stops. It’s dead silent, and it’s just she and I. I walk over and introduce myself. “Hi, I’m Norman”. “Hi, I’m T-T-Tiffany,” she stammers. 

I am not sure what my plan is or what I’m doing, but I know I want her. I need her. Conversation flows easily between us. I can tell she is warming up to me. I flirt with her, and by my surprise, she flirts back. Suddenly, a brilliant idea comes to me. I excuse myself to go to the “restroom”. I quickly dig through the house’s cabinets and drawers. I find some cough medicine and swiftly pour it into some punch. I find Tiffany again and offer her a drink. She accepts and downs the drink without hesitation. Success! Within the hour, Tiffany complains of being sleepy, and like the gentleman that I am, I offer to walk her home. 

She leads me to her home, which looks eerily familiar. As she treads along the walkway, I have another idea. “Hey, Tiffany?” I ask. “Yes Norman, what is it?” she responds. “Why don’t we take a little walk over to my house? I have a surprise that I want to show you. I live not too far from here, and we can come right back since you’re sleepy,” I prompt. She stands in silence for a few moments debating, reluctantly she agrees.  We walk in time with the soft, scratching sounds of her swishing nurse costume. 

We head over to my house, and in an astonishing turn of events, she grabs my hand and smiles at me. She has no idea what she has done. With this act, I set my plan into stone. I quickly sweep her off her feet, in what I hope she assumes is a romantic act, and run to my house. “It’s just down here in the basement, love,” I assure her. She giggles out an “okay”. I open the door, walk down the basement stairs, and that’s it. I set her on the floor. I grab her face and plant a firm kiss on her lips. I walk back up the stairs. I hear her drowsy questions, I sense her fear, but I am not worried. There is nothing she can do now. She is mine. I turn to look at her, and she looks up at me with sleepy eyes. “Goodnight my love, and happy Halloween,”  I utter as I close the basement door…