The Eternal Dream

Scared and trapped forever, Tiffany faces her stalker, yet again… (Courtesy of U.S. Department of Energy via Pinterest).


Scared and trapped forever, Tiffany faces her stalker, yet again… (Courtesy of U.S. Department of Energy via Pinterest).


And I awoke. Was that all a dream? That strange guy killed me, I thought? 

This has been a weird start to my day. I start to get ready for school. I put on my mini skirt and cheer top to head off to school for the day. I have to grab my letterman jacket as well because it has gotten so cold outside. I walk towards my car, which is parked down the street, and I notice a strange man looking at me. I know him from somewhere and can’t put my finger on it. We exchanged glances a few times before I ran to my car because his glances were just too creepy for me. I feel like I have seen him recently, but I just cannot figure out from where. 

For the rest of the day at school,all that I can think about is him. Like why did he look at me like he maybe… knew me? He couldn’t know me. There’s no way. He was a young man. How could he know me? I don’t even consider telling my friends; they would think I was crazy.  I just can’t get him out of my head. 

I go home and kind of keep a lookout for him to see if he was stalking me or something crazy like that. I must be paranoid; there’s no way that he’s a stalker. I get home and do some school work, then change into my not so parent-approved nurse costume for the big party tonight. The Halloween party is the biggest party of the whole year. It’s at one of my friend’s frat house, and it never fails to be the craziest, fun-filled night ever. I get all my makeup on and top it with some setting spray and I’m on my way. 

When I get there, I see all my friends dressed as nurses like me, as planned. We all take pictures and get started on some games. All my friends keep asking me what’s wrong with me, and I just lie. I would never tell them that I think I have a stalker.

Out of nowhere, I see him. I can’t be imagining it now, he really is stalking me. There’s no way this is a coincidence. He now sees me and starts walking my way. I can’t move, I’m frozen. He comes up to me and says, “Hi I’m Norman.” I respond in my anxious small voice, I’m T-tifanny. Now he’s not going anywhere. He wants to talk. 

Norman continues talking to me, asking about work and school. But, I still can’t find the place where I know him from. I learn that he does work at a diner nearby that I often go to but, it still doesn’t seem right. He asks all sorts of questions about me and asks if I have a boyfriend. When I tell him no, he acts surprised and asks for my Snapchat. I comply only because I still can’t figure out where I know him from, and this might be a clue. Norman keeps joking that it’s fate that we met because our costumes match so well together. We took a picture together because even the colors of our scrubs matched. After we took the picture, Norman said he needed to run to the restroom and said he would pick me up a drink on his way back. 

My friends all come towards me, asking who that older guy was and how lucky I was that he was giving me so much attention. They all wanted to know who he was and where I knew him from. I just told them that I met him from a study group at school, and he wanted to hang out. He quickly returns with a drink in hand, and my friends suddenly disappear. 

Norman and I continue to talk, but I feel funny. I feel as if almost the room is spinning, but I feel safe with Norman. He seems concerned about me and offers to walk me home because I don’t live far. I agree because I feel so horrible and just want to go to bed. About halfway home, he offered to take me to his house because he had a surprise for me. I reluctantly agree, only because he says I can go home right after we go to his house. 

When we get to his house, I feel so tired that I can barely stand. I grab his hand and smile in intending to assure him that I am ok. I wouldn’t want him to worry that I am not. I really like him and wouldn’t want him to think that he would do anything wrong. He then sweeps me off his feet like the romantic guy he is and walks me down his stairs. We went to the basement for the surprise. I try and mumble how sweet he is, but no words come out of my mouth. He slowly puts me on the basement floor and gives me a soft kiss. That kiss made chills go through my body, I knew something immediately wrong. The basement door shuts and locks quietly behind him, and I realize who he is. He was my killer from the nightmare ,and now I am stuck in this basement forever.