The Evil Duckling

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The Evil Duckling

Such a nefarious duck (Photo courtesy of Pixabay, picture credits to RyanMcGuire).

Such a nefarious duck (Photo courtesy of Pixabay, picture credits to RyanMcGuire).

Such a nefarious duck (Photo courtesy of Pixabay, picture credits to RyanMcGuire).

Such a nefarious duck (Photo courtesy of Pixabay, picture credits to RyanMcGuire).

There once was a duckling named TyTy. TyTy was a very hungry duckling and his favorite hobby was to eat. Whenever his friends would find him, TyTy was eating or stashing away a snack where no one else could find it. When he was not eating, TyTy loved to boast to other creatures about being a duck; he was very happy that he got to be one and believed that any other animals other than ducks were lame.

One day, TyTy was eating his favorite snack, fish eggs that he found in the bottom of a lake. His friend Kara the deer came frolicking up to the side of the lake where TyTy was floating.

“TyTy! TyTy! Did you hear about the lake? The very lake that you are in right now is running out of food sources! All the small fishies have been mysteriously disappearing very quickly, and all the other small species living in the lake are gone! You will have to find another lake to swim in because it is being predicted that the rest of the fishies will be gone by the end of the month,” exclaimed Kara.

“I am not worried about that! I will find the food that I need without moving from my precious lake. I am a duck after all. I can do anything. Just because you are a lame old deer does not mean I have to be scared of not finding food,” snickered TyTy.

“But Ty-,” Kara began.

“Stop! Leave me alone so I can take a nap. I need to be well-rested to go look for food later.”

Kara turned and walked away sadly; she was scared for her duckling friend. Later that day, TyTy woke from his nap and went to find his mother laying on the edge of the lake.

“Mother, I am going to find some food for lunch, would you like me to bring you some?”

“Sure sweetie, thank you. I will see you in about an hour then, you know how hard it can be to find and catch those fish you like. Bye now.”

TyTy quickly swam away while his mother began to take a nap of her own. Five minutes later, TyTy came paddling back to the edge of the lake where his mother was peacefully napping.

As soon as he swam up to her, her friend Emmie the kitten strolled up and sat right beside TyTy’s mother.

“Hey Mally. Have you heard?” Emmie said softly.

TyTy’s mom slowly opened her eyes. “Oh hello Emmie, how are you doing today? And no, heard what?” she said.

“This lake will be completely out of food sources by the end of the next two weeks. You and all of the other ducks will have to find a new place to live,” Emmie continued looking at the ten other ducks swimming around in the medium-sized lake.

“Oh no! Really? I did not hear about that, but I have noticed that there aren’t many fish swimming around anymore. Maybe we should only eat one of those fish you brought back TyTy. We can save the second one for later,” Mally said sadly.

“I think we will be fine! We are ducks after all,” TyTy said, winking at his mother and then at Emmie.

“Okay if you say so,” Emmie said walking away.

TyTy and his mother began to eat their lunch, not worrying about the rumored food shortage of the lake. They then enjoyed the rest of their day as usual.

Two weeks later, as TyTy was sleeping, he was woken with a scream of terror from one of the other ducks that lived in his lake.

“There is no more food in this lake for us to eat! The rumors were correct! What are we going to do?”  Gracie the duck screamed in panic.

“Well obviously we are going to have to leave. That is our only option,” Allysa the duck said, annoyance in her voice.

By lunchtime, all the ducks had prepared to leave the lake. They all stood on the edge of the water staring into their old home.

“Well, I suppose it is time to go,” Alyssa said turning to walk away. All the other ducks followed her, and soon they were gone. All except for TyTy and his mother.

TyTy jumped into the lake. “Finally, we have the lake all to ourselves.”

“Yes, now go get the supplies so we can stay alive son.”

“Yes ma’am,” TyTy said as he jumped out of the lake and walked away. Five minutes later, TyTy came walking back to the lake with a bucket in his mouth. He then poured the bucket into the lake and ten fish and some water came pouring out.

“I will go get the rest of the food later, but I am hungry right now,” TyTy squealed.

“Okay sweetie, let’s eat and then you can finish. By the way, what an amazing idea it was of you to hide the fish in the small pond that you dug up. Now, we have all the food and the whole lake to ourselves. You are such a genius my little evil duckling. I love you sweetie,” Mally laughed.

“I love you too mom, and I am so glad to be a duck,” TyTy giggled.

And Mally and TyTy lived happily ever after alone in their lake with all the food that they would need for a long time.