The ‘Littles’ of Little League


Annaleisa Wile

Little league has an impact on kids’ lives that you couldn’t imagine; it’s an escape from everyday life (Photo courtesy of Annaleisa Wile).

On June 6th, 1939 the first little league game was played. Ever since, games have become a well-known event in the US for little kids. Many of today’s major league players played in little leagues as young children.

“I’ve played baseball since I was nine and I have been playing ever since,” said senior Connor Beaule.

72% of parents say their children and teens who play sports will and have continued to play sports into adulthood. This is because children who are introduced to sports at a young age often create a love for their sport. It also encourages children to stay active and create a healthy lifestyle in the future. 

As children, playing in their own sports games are some of the most amazing days of their life. In baseball, the thrill is running from base to base after a perfect hit, as basemen tirelessly run after to tag you, but they never do because you are oh-so-fast. This thrill you get from running in a game continues on and creates an impact on kids. 

“[Sports] have been a way [for me] to get away from the stress of everyday life [and] school,” added Beaule.

Sports can create an outlet for children to have a stress-free environment, and the feeling of a team can also create friendships on and off the field. Additionally, sports build confidence for young kids. 

“It teaches teamwork in a big way and [allows you] to be a part of an organization that’s bigger than yourself, and that’s a good thing to learn as a kid,” said senior Daniel Kisler.

Kids between the ages of 4-12 are eligible to play little league sports. Recently, the second-grade division in Simpsonville had their last game of the season. One of the two girls on the team had her first hit of the season, and multiple boys on the team had their first hits and catches. The kids learned to work together at a young age to encourage their teammates. Their communication during a game is crucial for them to be successful. 

Little league sports have become an American pastime that has created major impacts on kids’ lives. 

“In life, you’re always working with other people, so playing a sport shows you how to work as a team,” said sophomore Ainsley Sanders.