The Wells in the Forest


Jaimee Smith

Eliza wakes up in a house she doesn’t remember, surrounded by people who say they know her. What’s the secret?

“The sunflower field is beautiful”. “Eliza, don’t go too far in, or we might never find you,” Flynn yells as he chases Eliza to tease her. The sunlight peeked through the flowers as I walked along the side of the field. It was truly a dream come tr-


I shot up out of bed with sweat dripping down my face. The room was full of concerned looks from people I had never met. Or so I thought. A tall, slender man was standing next to my bed while holding the hand of what seemed to be a ten-year-old boy. A woman in a mask and doctor attire had a clipboard with her and began to write aggressively after I looked at her. 


“Honey, are you okay?” The tall man standing beside my bed said. Instead of answering his question, I replied with my own. “Who are you?” He looked at me and then the boy and replied with, “Your husband. Don’t you remember? And this is Charlie.” My memory didn’t have any names to put with these faces. The only names that burned inside my brain were the ones from my vivid dream. “Well, Mrs. Walker, I am Doctor Wells. You were in a car accident. Do you remember anything?” the lady said as she walked towards me. “Nothing but a dream.” She asked me to describe what I saw in my dream, but instead, I scanned the room to see if anything would jog my memory. 


I was somewhat aggravated by the doctor and the man who claimed to be my husband. He looked way too old to be my husband, but I decided not to say anything. “It was about a flower field, I guess. It was nothing. Now, if you would please tell me what’s going on, I’d be more inclined to telling you more about my dreams. “My name is Tom. Tom Walker, to be exact. I’m your husband, and we’ve been married for nine years. Charlie here is seven,” the slender man named Tom said. I looked to Charlie as he mumbled “seven and a half” under his breath. 


The room had a dresser, two night-stands, and a chair in it. Beside my bed, there was a heart monitor and other things I couldn’t name. One thing I knew was that I definitely didn’t go to medical school. Tom kept staring at me, which made me uncomfortable. He told Charlie, which he called “Little Tommy,” to get pictures because maybe it would help me remember.  If I had to guess, Tom made pretty good money because I was getting medical care from a house instead of a hospital.


When Charlie, or “Little Tommy” came back with a few books, Tom set one in my lap and looked through them with me. With each picture, I tried to recall a memory, but nothing came to mind. The pictures ranged from wedding photos to awkward selfies that Tom and I took together.  


“Who’s that?” I asked as I pointed to a man in one of the photos. Tom looked at me like he was about to blow. “Oh, that’s just one of my old friends. I think his name was Mark. Why? Do you remember him?” Tom asked as he stared deep into my soul. “No, just curious.” Mark looked very similar to the man in my dreams but I decided to keep that to myself, seeing how it made Tom mad when I asked him about the man. I told both Tom and Little Tommy that I wanted to rest and with those words, they left and let me sleep. 


“She looks just like you,” I heard a man say. I opened my eyes to find myself back in the flower field. Very realistic, just like before. I walked around the field, feeling the grass crunch beneath my feet. I was barefoot and had a white dress on. I saw a faint sign in the distance with letters on it. As I ran towards the sign, I felt the ground shake beneath me. Maybe if I could read what the sign said, I would remember something. I ran fast and faster, but right before I could reach it, I fell.


“Mom, wake up,” Charlie said. “Jenkins’ Flower Fields!” I was able to read the sign before I fell. That’s where my dreams took place. I looked at Charlie, who had a confused look on his face. “Did you remember something?” He asked. I looked at him and said, “No. It was just a silly dream.” But was it? 


My heart was racing, and I was dying to get more answers. I wanted to tell Tom what I had dreamt of, but something kept me from talking about it. “Should I go get father?” Charlie asked. I quickly nodded my head side to side. I didn’t want to tell him that I had a dream about this so-called ‘Mark.’ After pulling myself out of my thought bubble, I looked to Charlie, who had a puzzling look on his face. 


“So Charlie, what is there to know about you?”. He smiled and began to ramble about his favorite hobbies, colors, animals, and what made him happy in life. He seemed like a good kid. Very smart and sociable. When he started to tell me about his fifth birthday, I heard a knock on the door. Both Tom and Doctor Wells came in. 


“How do you feel?” Wells asked. “Good, well-rested.” I looked at Tom, who had a suspicious look on his face. “Any more dreams?” He asked, almost annoyed. I didn’t know how to respond. Charlie knew that something was wrong because I wasn’t answering. “Nothing out of the ordinary,” I told him, trying to avoid answering the question fully. 


“She told me that she had a dream about her swimming in the ocean,” Charlie said quickly. Thank God for smart kids. Both Doctor Wells and Tom seemed to be eased by what Charlie said, which made me somewhat uncomfortable. There was more to this story than what I was being told. 


“Well, it seems like you’ve made some progress. Hopefully, as time passes, you’ll start to get your memory back. If you would like, you can sleep in your bed and walk around the house,” Doctor Wells said, erupting the silence. Was I a part of the Mafia or some sort of cult? Why did everything seem so secretive?


“Okay, well, I think I would like some more time with my son. Alone please.” Tom glared at me and huffed before walking out with Doctor Wells. 


“What the heck is going on?”. 

“You want the truth?” Charlie asked. 


“It’s all a lie, and you need to get out of here,” He replied.