Til Death Do Us Part


Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to Rosie Lea

Wedding dolls by Amor were the latest wedding trend, taking the world by storm (Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to Rosie Lea).

“And do you, Steven Meyer, take Angelina Finley as your lawful wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?” said Reverend Daniel F. Smith. “I do,” said Steven Meyer. And with those words, they kissed, becoming husband and wife in the sanctuary of Redeemed Baptist Church on October 13th.

They had waited for this moment for a year after Steven, a tall, dark-haired structural engineer,  had proposed to Angelina, a comical woman with blonde hair. He had bent down on one knee while they were admiring the view on the of the edge of the Rocky Mountain Trail. Steven presented her with a ring and said, “Will you marry me? After hearing her confirmation, he showed her their wedding doll, Tina, which was the latest marriage trend.

The wedding doll became a popular trend after Christian Stuart, now the richest actor in the world, proposed with one in Venice on Valentines Day. The proposal was quickly uploaded to the internet and went viral, skyrocketing sales for wedding dolls. The most popular wedding doll was licensed internationally by the company, Amor. Wedding dolls made by Amor were a combination of the couples likenesses made into a doll and it was owned by “The King of Love” Charles Morrigan. The dolls were a physical representation of the couple and what was in their future.

Tina soon became a highly valued possession of the couple and she was present during all the steps of their wedding process. They decided the theme for their wedding should be in the fall and, because of this, they wanted to have a pumpkin wedding cake. After finding the song for their first dance, Put Your Head on My Shoulder by Paul Anka, they settled on Wonderful, Wonderful by Johnny Mathis as the last song to dance to at their wedding. Everything was set for a perfect and bright future.

But everything didn’t turn out wonderful. Five years after their wedding, the Meyers found themselves in a divorce. The divorce was fairly quiet though, no court, no conflict, just a mutual agreement that it was a better decision to just part ways. But if there was one source of conflict throughout their whole divorce process, it was Tina. Tina, by this point, was a source of comfort for both of them, a symbol that they could make their marriage work. But when it all came crashing down, suddenly neither of them wanted Tina, a burning reminder of their failure. But neither of them wanted to dispose of her themselves either. So they considered it a blessing when she was accidentally knocked into a trashcan when their friends helped them move.  At least that’s what they thought at the time.

After they finished packing everything, the couple split and said their goodbyes. Steven planned to move in with his best man, Mitchell Howard, until he could get back on his feet. Mitchell decided to take Steven in for a while, because he helped Steven realize he needed out of his relationship with Angelina.  

Angelina decided not to tell Steven where she was living. While this was hard for Steven, he didn’t ask why or pressure her further. This did worry Steven and he recommended that she should reach out to family and friends for support. Even though she thanked him, Steven could tell she didn’t take his advice seriously. Their marriage had lasted less than five years.  

When Steve arrived home with Mitchell, Mitchell told him to make himself at home while he went to shower. Steve got some food from the pantry and sat on the couch to watch TV. All of the channels seemed to have nothing interesting on air, but that changed when Steven flipped to the news. “Breaking News: Christian Stuart and his wife enter into a massive Divorce War,” said the headline. The news hit Steven like a truck. Dazed, Steven turned off the news and stumbled up the stairs into his new bedroom, where he collapsed, exhausted.

For six months, everything went on fairly normal, but one day, that all changed. Steven woke up and started to get ready for work. He got in his car and turned on the radio.  The song “Put Your Head on My Shoulders” was playing but there was something weird about it. The station must have been having connection issues because the song was broken up and staticky. Steven, annoyed by the static, changed the station to a news channel. The radio broadcaster said, “The reason for Stuart’s divorce comes out! Stuart has had an affair. His ex-wife is sure to file divorce claims, this could turn ugly.”  

After work, Steven returned to his car and discovered something startling on his windshield. Someone had left a note on his car that read, “Show me that you love me. You promised me until death.” Steven looked around but saw no one; the only thing he could find was a small footprint about three inches wide and four inches long on the ground. Upon closer inspection, there was a small dent in his car, the kind of dent a pebble would make but these were smaller, almost finger-like indentations. The dents looked like they worked their way up to the windshield. Unsettled, Steven called an Uber and left his car in the parking lot, calling a tow truck to get his car.

When he arrived at Mitchell’s house, he saw that Mitchell was already home. Steven heard Mitchell upstairs and decided to turn on the television again. This time the headlines read, “Ground Beneath Redeemed Baptist Church Collapses. Mistake by structural engineer to blame.” This was a slap in the face to Steven. He had been the lead engineer on this project a couple of months after his marriage to Angelina. The news went on to says that a key bolt had been removed causing the collapse. The only piece of evidence at the scene was a small footprint about three inches wide and four inches long. A note was also left at the accident that read, “People says loves a game. A game you just can’t win. If there is a way i’ll find it.” Steven’s heart began to race; both of the notes had contained lyrics from Put Your Head on My Shoulder.

Later that night, Steven finally saw Mitchell, but they quickly got into an argument. “No wonder Angelina wanted a divorce!” screamed Mitchell, “You’re insufferable to live with!” The words hit Steven like a baseball bat. He quickly exited the house and went to find his car, but remembered he didn’t have it. He sat in the driveway and wept for a few hours, wistful and nostalgic for everything he had lost.  

At 9:30 p.m., Steven called an Uber to take him to the repair shop to pick up his car. From there, he drove to a local bar to drink away his sorrows, after picking up a slice of pumpkin cake from the grocery store. Not long after he arrived at the bar, he met a woman named Chrissy who was stunningly beautiful with brown hair and soft eyes, but vaguely familiar. She recognized him as well and told him who she was. She was supposed to be one of the bridesmaids at his wedding but had an argument with Angelina and their relationship never recovered. After talking for an hour, Steven worked up the courage and asked for her number, which she gladly gave to him.

Steven stayed a little bit longer after Chrissy left. Right as he was about to leave, he was approached by a woman. It was Angelina! Angelina looked horrified and said, “Were you just here with another woman?”

“So what if I was,” said Steven. “Didn’t you want to leave me for that guy, what’s his name again, oh yeah, Alex?” Steven said accusingly.

“Yeah, but I broke up with him and now he is in the hospital with a broken spine,” said Angelina. “It was considered a freak accident, but it was done on purpose and I know how.”

“Are you accusing me?” said Steven, shaking with anger. “Because if you are, you’re wrong. In fact, I’m leaving right now. This is nonsense.”

At that moment, Steven received a text message from Chrissy. However, the message said, “Hello, this is the County Sheriff’s Department. Did you know this woman?”

Steven quickly responded, “I just met her a few hours ago. Why, what happened to her?”

He got an immediate response that read, “This woman got into a tragic accident while driving tonight. We believe someone blinded her with a light, so she lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a tree at about 65 miles per hour. Her death was just confirmed five minutes ago.”

Steven was taken aback by this message. Then suddenly he got another message, this time from Mitchell that said, “Come home. She‘s here.”

Steven flew towards his car. But as he was leaving, Angelina said to him, “She doesn’t like anyone between us. Don’t go, she’ll hurt him. Come with me to the edge of the Rocky Mountain Trail. She won’t hurt us there until it’s too late.”

But by the time the words registered with Steven, it was too late. He was already at his car. His doors had been pried open and the small dents were back. Only this time you could clearly make out the tiny handprints from the tiny hands that pried open the door. Inside the car he found another note that read, “Put your head on my shoulder. Whisper in my ear, baby, words I want to hear.” Another song lyric! But Steven ignored the note and turned on his car, and with it, his the radio as well.

Steven immediately heard the radio broadcaster, who sounded choked up, like a mother at her son’s funeral. The broadcaster said, “A tragic accident has hap-happened in Venice today. — Christian Stuart—has died!—He died in a fatal accident—drowning under a gondola-.”

Steven changed the channel. The song that came on was Wonderful, Wonderful by Johnny Mathis. “You turn to me, with a kiss in your eyes. And my heart feels a thrill beyond compare…” He turned off the radio and rode the rest of the way in silence. Every minute felt like a lifetime to Steven as he worried about Mitchell’s safety.

When he finally arrived home, he grabbed his cake and rushed inside. He heard Mitchell upstairs and ran up to meet him. Mitchell looked as pale as a ghost and said weakly to Steven, “She’s here and she’s not happy. She said something about Rocky Mountain Trail.”

After Mitchell said that, he threw up. “I’ll go get something to clean that up with,” said Steven. Steven ran downstairs and grabbed some cleaning products and water for Mitchell. When he came back up, Mitchell whispered, “Please go away. It’ll make her stop. Go away,” but Steven ignored him. Steven cleaned up the mess and gave Mitchell some water. “Please go. I feel better now. You’re making her angry. I don’t want her to show what she is truly capable of,” pleaded Mitchell. But Steven decided to go get something for Mitchell to eat anyway, to make him feel better.

He came back upstairs with his slice of pumpkin cake and a fork. He gave the cake to Mitchell, who slowly started to eat it. All of the sudden they heard a sound from the attic. Crrreeeeeeaaaakk. Steven jumped. Then Mitchell started having difficulty breathing. He wheezed and wheezed. “Being agitated, the paleness, vomiting, and difficulty breathing,” said Steven, “All signs of overdose.” Steven ran downstairs to get his phone to call 911. Before he left he heard Mitchell beg, “Leave, please leave. It’ll stop if you leave.” Crrreeeeeeaaaakk.

Steven grabbed his phone and called 911. “911, what’s your emergency?” said the dispatcher. “My friend has overdosed and is in bad condition,” said Steven. Just then Steven heard Mitchell scream. Thud! Thud! Thud! “I think he is having a seizure,” said Steven. “Stay on the phone,” said the dispatcher. But it was too late. Steven ran upstairs and once he arrived, Steven was barely able to stifle his scream as he saw the scene before him. Mitchell lay on his back, his cake long forgotten, blood covered his clothes and face and was still coming from his neck. Mitchell’s mouth was foaming with a combination of pumpkin cake and blood. Steven saw a knife a few feet away, but his next look took his breath away. Written in Mitchell’s blood was:

Tonight…Rocky Mountain Trail- 12:00

Overcome with emotion, Steven collapsed sobbing next to his unmoving friend until he saw something out of the corner of his eye. A shoe that belonged to a certain doll he thought was thrown away. Crrreeeeeeaaaakk. He glanced at her, “Tina,” he said then sprinted for his car. “Rocky Mountain Trail,” he thought, “That’s how to stop this.” On his way to the car he bumped into a shelf and a can of gasoline dumped onto him, but he had to keep going.  He hopped into his car unaware that someone had hopped in for the ride.

Out of habit, he turned on the radio and a sermon by Reverend Daniel F. Smith was broadcasting about marriage. “Matthew 19:6 says, ‘So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” Steven changed the station, but the next station he went to was playing Wonderful, Wonderful by Johnny Mathis. “Sometimes we stand, on the top of a hill. And we gaze at the earth and the sky.” In a rage, Steven pulled over to the side of the road, jumped out, grabbed a rock, and smashed his radio. After he was done, he put the car in drive and continued on. A couple miles from the trail, Steven went to check the clock, but realized the radio was broken. Scared that he was running out of time, he accelerated and kept going.

Steven arrived and saw Angelina was already there, looking somber. “I’m here. So let this madness stop!” said Steven. “You’re too late,” said Angelina, “It’s 12:05.” The wind was knocked out of Steven from that realization. His car suddenly roared to life. Vvrrrooooommm. “It’s her, it’s Tina,” said Angelina, “She took the divorce very personally, almost like she’s our child.” “What do you mean?” said Steven. “She’s just a stupid doll!” “She may be a doll, but she’s definitely not stupid,” said Angelina. Crrreeeeeeaaaakk. That’s when the car’s radio started blaring music again. The couple jumped into each other’s arms. “I turn to you, and you melt in my arms. Here we are, darling, only you and I.

They started to shake. “I d-d-destroyed that radio,” said Steven, completely and utterly afraid. Tina then emerged from the shadows, looking fairly ordinary, aside from the blood staining her clothes. “You’re late Steven,” said Tina, “You will suffer as one because you are one…because you made me for your love and abandoned me!” Frozen with fear, neither Steven nor Angelina moved. Tina poured gasoline around them in the shape of a heart. “We will be together as one forever, even after death do we part, just like you promised,” said Tina. Tina then returned to the car and grabbed a box of a matches.

“Please don’t do this,” pleaded Angelina.

“It’s too late momma,” said Tina, “That’s what you agreed to, when you had me made.” Tina then pulled out a match and spilled the remainder of the gasoline, washing over the heart that surrounded them, on the very spot Steven proposed. Steven started to move but Tina stopped him by lighting the match. “This is where you decided to become one…this is where you will finish as one,” said Tina. She lit a second match because the first had gone out and entered the gasoline heart. “The fire won’t tear us apart like your divorce paper claims did… it will make us truly one forever,” said Tina.

What a moment to share, it’s wonderful, wonderful. Oh, so wonderful, my love. The world is full of wondrous things, it’s true, but they wouldn’t have much meaning without you. And I say to myself, “It’s wonderful, wonderful. Oh, so wonderful, my love,” sang Mathis through the radio.

“Til death do us part,” said Tina and dropped the match. The night’s crisp, cool autumn air was lit up with a raging fire.