9-1-1, What’s Your Emergency?


Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to Free-Photos

A police officer's job is to serve and protect, although this has often been forgotten (Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to Free-Photos).

Nothing makes acts of police brutality okay but not enough attention to the good things police do daily for their communities is not okay either. The bad aspects of a cops job are constantly pushed into the media to spread throughout the public. This can give a terrible image of cops in general, causing most people to forget that the police are here to help us and keep us safe.

No one can deny that racism in the police force has taken place and will continue to take place. As a result of this discrimination, the bad aspects of the police are shown through the Black Lives Matter movement which is a group of activists who want to see an end to racial profiling and discrimination by the police. This act was spread widely after several misconducts with officers against members of the African American community. Videos and personal stories were spread on social media to bring attention to this serious issue in the police system.

This brings about the fact that bad cops are a real thing. Some take advantage of their position to “bully” the public. Others don’t handle situations correctly and assume, which tends to lead to many misunderstandings. Misunderstandings such as assuming candy is a drug and wrongly accusing people. Misunderstandings like these are unfair and unjust to the people that do not deserve to get in trouble for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

Due to these issues, people tend to forget that police officers work extremely hard to get to the position they have after being accepted into a police academy and several months of vigorous training in order to protect and serve their communities by helping us and keeping us safe. People forget about that when they get pulled over for things like speeding, because they just think about the fine they have to pay and the points off of their license that they will receive because of the cop. However, that cop is simply trying to keep everyone safe from harm. Which is often taken for granted in a situation where a person is getting in trouble

The police experience many terrible incidents that occur in society such a domestic abuse, violence, drug deals, fatal car crashes, and other conflicts big and small. The emotions a cop goes through after a terrible incident seriously can mess up how they function in their everyday life.

Somehow, after everything they experience, police find ways to connect with communities. They do small acts and deeds such as giving free hugs at Walmart, buying dinners, fixing bikes and so many more.

So next time you are mad at a cop for getting you or someone you know into trouble, remember that their job is to keep everyone safe and do what is best for the people.