Drive-in Dinner


Annaleisa Wile

In times we are living in now, eating out usually still means isolation, but what if you could enjoy eating out safely? (Photo courtesy of Annaleisa Wile)

In a spread-out city like Greenville, the competition for dine-in food restaurants is high. Places are constantly opening, closing, and renovating. Myles Pizza Pub on Pleasantburg Drive was only opened in early January. Sadly, late January is when the coronavirus became exceedingly prevalent in the US. This has created a quarantine for Greenville residents and strict social distancing precautions. Small and new businesses have been taking major hits from not being able to provide service, but it’s what they’ve been doing instead of closing completely that is remarkable. 

When hearing about a new pizza place that allows you to eat right there while also implementing social distancing, I was ecstatic. Being cooped up in the house all day and only allowing yourself to get drive-thru or take-out food was not thrilling, so I took up the adventure. Myles Pizza Pub had a policy that no non-staff can walk in their doors, so they only allow phone orders. We ordered a 12’ cheese pizza and what we believed would be a self-serving Sierra Mist. The wait for food was approximately 40 minutes. For this short wait, many people sat in the backs of their cars, in the grass, or with the windows down in their cars. All of the people were playing music and conversing with whomever they were with. 

Many cars came and left and for the number of customers present, the wait was not long at all. One server was bringing out everyone’s food one at a time and the inside staff was limited for the safety of themselves. This made my dad and I more secure in our safe choice of choosing this small business to support. 

After the short wait, we got our 12’ pizza from our delightful server and our half-gallon of Sierra Mist complete with cups and napkins. The amount for the pizza and drink was reasonable and well worth the wait. We settled into the hatchback of our SUV to create a dining area to enjoy the amazing weather that presented itself that night. The pizza was served hot, right out of the oven. After the first warm bite of the marinara and cheese-filled pizza, I knew I would be coming back here very soon. The cheese was baked to gooey perfection and a thick doughy crust topped off this already amazing pizza. The overall service was excellent and quick with an outstanding ‘new normal’ dining experience.  The experience of eating out in a time like this quite frankly scared me, but this place shined a light on the positives during these uncertain times. I enjoyed the wait of just being able to talk to someone, play music, laugh, and enjoy the outdoors. Overall, pizza from Myles Pizza Pub was well worth the trip, and I give it ‘two thumbs up’ and I think you will too. Check it out for yourselves!