Dunder Mifflin Paper Company


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“The Office” is a great show to binge-watch with some snacks (Photo courtesy of Instagram, photo credits to @afra.takes.you.to.places).

“The Office” is a hit NBC show that started in 2005 and lasted for eight years. It is a simple show about the lives of workers from Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Although the show concluded roughly seven years ago, it remains in the hearts of many lovers and binge-watchers of the show. But, you’re probably asking yourself, why would anyone want to watch a show about the “boring” lives of office workers?

Their lives are not boring at all. Yes, they work at a paper company, but every day in the office is a new adventure with crazy characters to spruce things up. 

The branch manager for the majority of the show, Michael Scott, is hilarious and tends to not take his job very seriously. From his passion for magic, inappropriate jokes, and relationships with others in the office, viewers are always in for a surprise from what he has to say or do. Other workers in the office include Jim Halbert, Pam Beesly, Dwight Schrute, Stanley Hudson, and many other loveable characters. 

The reason I think the show is loved by so many is that each character has a different type of humor that appeals to everyone. 

Micheal Scott has an inappropriate and childish humor with his main joke being “That’s what she said.” This unpredictable humor is very unexpected from a boss and has the employees annoyed and making fun of him constantly.

Dwight Schrute has a very nerdy feel, being the top salesman and, outside of work, a beet farmer at Schrute Farms. His jokes revolve around being very literal about everything while being overly defensive of the things people say to him and how he acts throughout the show. 

Stanley Hudson has a very dry humor and dislikes most everyone else in the office, and this is reciprocated by the others. He tells people exactly how he feels with absolutely no mercy.

Kevin Malone has a humor in which he is portrayed as being extremely unintelligent. Others like to make fun of this while he is making fun of them for being the dumb ones.

Jim Halbert has a joking humor and pulls pranks on most of the other characters in the office. But, he is most known for his ongoing relationship with Pam Beesly and their ultimate love story.

Everyone else in the workplace has typical humor you’d find in other shows. They like to make fun of each other and especially of Michael and Dwight. They like to joke about things that happen in the office such as romances, the parties thrown, business trips, and anything else that would be dramatic for other typical offices.

The producers did an amazing job of making sure that anyone could watch the show, have a good laugh, and even relate to some events from the show. Over the course of the series, viewers get to experience the characters’  everyday lives and watch them grow. From falling in love, getting married, and having kids to quitting and realizing that the job they had was not as bad as they always thought. The writers even include random characters every now and then popping in and out of the show.

“The Office” would be a perfect show for anyone, males and females of any age. It can appeal to pretty much anyone’s sense of humor. All nine seasons are on Netflix and would be a perfect addition to the list of shows to binge-watch during our quarantine.