Impractical Jokers: The Movie Review


Tyler Davidson

After having a successful TV show, the Impractical Jokers decided to try it on the big screen with their new movie (Photo courtesy of Tyler Davidson).

This review has two parts. The first part contains no spoilers and the second part will briefly touch on some spoilers. There will be a warning before I cross into spoilers, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Impractical Jokers is a TV show where the four friends from high school compete to embarrass each other. In each episode, the Jokers, who are Joe, Q, Murr, and Sal, compete in challenges where they have to complete ridiculous tasks, and if they cannot complete the task, then they lose the challenge. At the end of each episode, the losses are totalled up and the Joker with the most losses is punished. These punishments are more embarrassing and awkward than any of the previous challenges. But now, the Jokers are making a movie which contains more pranks and challenges with a plot to push the movie along.

The plot definitely was the weakest element of this movie. It followed a typical road trip storyline. The guys got invited to a concert and they were traveling to it, but they only had three tickets, so they had challenges deciding who couldn’t go. The only reason it works is because it pushes the movie along and guides us toward the next challenges. I was annoyed by the story at times because I really was only at the movie for the ridiculous tasks, not the storyline. That being said, it wasn’t awful and it felt similar to when the Jokers have a semi-plot during one of their holiday specials. The plot was definitely stronger than any holiday special, but the way the movie went felt similar. Honestly, if you went into this movie looking for a good story, you probably should have bought tickets to another movie.

The main reason why people want to see this movie is the humor and jokes. The challenges in this movie are great. Some of them are for all the Jokers while there are also a few Joker specific ones throughout the movie. This has never been done in an episode before, but it worked well for the movie. Some of them were definitely funnier than others, but the same is true with the episodes. The challenges explore some of the territory that the Jokers aren’t able to do on their TV show. The final punishment at the end of the movie is really funny, but the movie is more about the trip than the destination. 

Overall, this movie feels like an extended episode with a plot. Most of the jokes land well and while the story element can drag a little, the experience is a positive one. I would give this movie four stars out of five. I would have liked to see more challenges, because who doesn’t like to see four guys daring each other to act crazy? If you don’t enjoy watching the show then this movie definitely isn’t for you, but for fans of the Impractical Jokers, this movie will not be a disappointment.


This ends the spoiler free review. There are spoilers from here on out. I warned you.


The film opens with the four jokers as high schoolers hanging out during the weekend. They decide to sneak into a Paula Abdul concert as security, and this works until they end up ruining the whole night. The film leaps forward to modern day and the Jokers are shown filming a segment when Sal is a mall Santa. There are a few Easter eggs sprinkled in here, such as Murr dressed as Stanley Merkle. The Jokers are then shown eating at Denny’s when Abdul recognizes them and offers them tickets to her concert. Unfortunately there are only three, so the Jokers decide to compete on the way down there to see who can’t go. This sets up the challenges, which I am not going to spoil because they are too funny for you to read about. When they arrive at the concert in Miami, the three winners go but the loser has to stay behind. They realize they aren’t having fun without the other one, but he sneaks in using the security jacket. Adbul then recognizes them and the day is saved. Afterwards they decide the loser still needs to be punished, and he is very epically.

The movie really does a good job adapting the television concept onto the big screen. The Jokers maintain the personality that they have in the show, but this makes the story dry at times better because we already know these characters as an audience. Over the course of the show, we have learned about their lives and their fears, so when there’s little character development it’s okay. I thought that the choice to go with a road trip storyline was the right decision here, but there was probably a little too much emphasis on the plot. I think that many fans would have been fine with the movie just being a longer episode. 

The production crew did a good job of sprinkling Easter eggs throughout the movie. These references reward viewers of the show by giving them another layer to laugh at. One of these is Casey Jost, who is a producer who hosts Impractical Jokers Inside Jokes, being Paula Abdul’s assistant. Many fans can recognize him from when he does behind the scenes segments with the Jokers. There are also references to Larry, Staten Island, and other running gags that are well-known in the show. Overall, these references tell you that this movie is part of a bigger concept and not just a standalone comedy.

Impractical Jokers: The Movie is a road-trip movie featuring the Impractical Jokers on their way to a concert in Miami. This movie isn’t going to win any awards for its plot, but it did the most important thing right: its challenges. The movie focuses on the friendship between the four guys and their love of pranking one another. While I am not sure if the Jokers will make another movie, you can still watch their TV show, which continues making new episodes. I think this is a movie that anyone who enjoys the show will enjoy, and I would recommend it to all fans of the Jokers. Hopefully, you will have a chance to check out this great film before it leaves the theater!