Mascot Mania


Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to KeithJJ

Mascots bring a sense of community and spirit to a school (Photo courtesy of Pixabay, photo credits to KeithJJ).

As Spirit Week at Brashier draws to a close, one glowing piece is missing. One piece that could unite Brashier and bring school spirit to an all time high. This missing piece would be a school mascot. Mascots can be integral to a school’s identity and the student body as a whole. They can rally school spirit during pep rallies and sporting events like basketball or volleyball. Mascots also bring a sense of unity to a community.

Mascots can rally a school. Imagine you are at a college football game. Your team scores a touchdown and the crowd goes wild. Everyone’s eyes turns to the school’s mascot as it celebrates. There are many different traditions for school mascots, such as doing push ups after a score, which make it an integral part of the game. Therefore, without a mascot, it is as if you are almost missing a piece of the game now. With a mascot, Brashier games would be more engaging to the fans in the stands.

A case study in Los Angeles, California has tested the effect of a mascot on a small school like Brashier. The study concluded that a mascot connected students to the school emotionally and created a positive of the image for the school to the community. The mascot also helped create a sense of pride and loyalty to their school which contributed to creating a focused learning environment.

Recently, at Brashier, school spirit has been very low. There are many factors that contribute to this but a mascot has the possibility to generate much needed school spirit. Since Brashier is a smaller school, a mascot is very important because it can unite the student body and rally it to a cause. This unity could help generate revenue for spirit week. Maybe then, the prices wouldn’t be so high for dress down days.

One problem with getting a school mascot is the cost. Many costumes for the mascots can cost over a thousand dollars. However, there are other avenues to get a costume; such as, making a costume piece by piece instead of ordering one whole. Body paint could also be used for a mascot costume. Despite wanting to be cost effective, you can’t put a price on memories and high school memories are irreplaceable. Many adults to this day still remember their own high school mascots.

Overall, getting Brashier a mascot is needed and will bring many advantages for our student body. It can boost our school morale and bring a sense of school community. The mascot can also rally a crowd for our sporting events. Even though the cost may be high to buy a mascot, the memories a mascot can create for Brashier will be priceless.