Returning Home


Allie Weber

Returning to the faith can certainly help your mood, and bring you more hope during this challenging and uncertain time (Photo courtesy of Allie Weber).

As I’m sure all of you have already recognized, COVID-19 has evoked some restrictions on our lives, making it difficult to do just about anything. The only things we can do are talk with other people on FaceTime, complete assignments, sit on our phones, eat, watch T.V. (do yourself a favor and go watch Outer Banks if you haven’t already), and maybe do an at-home workout. However, I have noticed one optimistic thing: people are returning to their faith. 

These times are uncertain, but the one thing that has remained consistent is God. While churches are empty, people are flooding the online Sunday services to hear His Word.  People are finding peace in hearing about God, and His never-ending love for us. Not only that, but He says that we should not fear, and His plan will prevail in the end. So, as you can imagine, millions of souls are comforted by this message and their belief that the pandemic will end in God’s perfect time.

Since we’ve all of a sudden got so much time on our hands, I’ve started reading the Bible more, and I’ve seen many other people do it too. I’m currently reading Proverbs with a group of girls from school, and we do a weekly Bible study over Zoom, which so far, has been great (Let me know if you would like to join!). I’ve only been on the call a couple of times, but I already feel closer to the girls I’m doing it with. In addition to Proverbs, I’m reading Acts of the Apostles with my boyfriend. We FaceTime almost every day and read a chapter when we talk. It’s allowing me to get to know him better while learning about something we have in common. 

Now, simply reading the Bible is great, but I highly recommend journaling while you do it. Grab some highlighters and pens, and start writing anything that pops in your head: notes, reflections, verses, and whatever else stands out to you. Add some color, cute calligraphy, and stickers; just make it how you like it. I guarantee it’ll make it even more enjoyable, and you’re more likely to remember the message the chapters and books are trying to convey.

Even if you’ve been away from the faith for a while, or it is completely new for you, picking up a Bible and joining an online service is the perfect way to submerge yourself into Christianity. It won’t be as intimidating as walking into a filled church, and you can go at your own pace. However, you shouldn’t procrastinate. If you are serious about it, then start now. Once the quarantine is over, it will be harder to make it a priority and to find time to put some effort in. If and when you do make that choice, I guarantee it will be the best choice you ever make and will change your life for the better.