The Good Place Show Review


Matson Montilla

The Good Place is a humorous and intriguing show about the afterlife that makes a great watch during quarantine (Photo courtesy of Matson Montilla).

A Good Place? A Bad Place? An After place? The Good Place was all of those things. The Good Place is a television show that is available on Netflix, and it is based on four humans who pass away and go to Heaven. Although this may seem like a risky idea since many people have different views about the afterlife, this show managed to pull it off. The main reason behind this is because they never bring religion into the realm. The show lasted for four seasons and the first three are currently available on Netflix.

The whole show started with four people dying and thinking they went to Heaven. They were welcomed by the architect of The Good Place, Michael, and he explained why they are in The Good Place. The four people who were brought to The Good Place were Elanor Shellstrop, Chidi Anagonye, Tahani Al- Jamil, and Jason Mendoza. Although Michael described this place as Heaven and said that they all did great deeds on Earth to be here, none of them were supposed to be in The Good Place.

Michael, the architect, built a false living place. He worked for the bad place and created a false good place to use as a way to torture these four humans. The use of The Good Place was to be an area that would torture people who are in hell mentally rather than physically. Although this seems like a deep and dark setting, the show is very light-hearted and funny.

The four humans who are in The Good Place all met at a party and became friends. While they were there, Elanor admitted to Chidi that she didn’t think she was good enough to be in the Good Place. Turns out she wasn’t. Michael led her to believe that she was put in there for someone else. After telling this to Chidi, she made Chidi teach her to better herself and learn ethics. Through these actions, they fell in love and she became good again. Jason noticed that Eleanor was becoming a better person and discovered she wasn’t meant to be there in the first place.

Jason then told Eleanor that he, too, wasn’t supposed to be there. Eleanor was surprised but persuaded Chidi into helping Jason. With his help, they all became good again and were friends. Unfortunately, the last human, Tahani, found out about this, but she vowed to not rat them out. After a few unforeseen issues and problems like Eleanor causing a hole in the world and Michael finding out that Eleanor and Jason weren’t meant to be in The Good Place, but then Michael letting them stay.

Despite letting them stay, Shawn, the leader of evil, made Michael kick them out of The Good Place. Through this investigation and deciding who should stay and who should go, the four humans found out that The Good Place was the bad place, to begin with. They figured out the issue and Michael and Shawn were surprised. Michael then reset the place. He reset the humans’ minds and brought them back again to try and figure out how they’ll torture each other for millions of years. At the end of the day, Michael wanted to torture them.

Despite this being Michael’s plan, after every single trial and attempt, 852 attempts to be exact, the humans all were brought back together and figured out they were in the bad place. On the final attempt, another person took over the trials, and Michael found emotions in himself. With the help of his assistant, Michael, the four humans, and Janet, his assistant were able to go to the real Good Place.

“My favorite scene was when Michael found goodness in himself,” said senior David Thompson.

Overall, I found that the show was extremely good. The character development was great as the characters didn’t grow into who they were going to be super fast. They all faced adversity that they overcame to become better people. I also enjoyed the character dynamic as certain characters fell in love with others. For example, Elanor and Chidi fell in love with one another because of the personal growth they made. It was perfectly executed.

I also enjoyed the progression of the story because they kept it moving in a day by day format rather than skipping super far into time to try and create scenes. Another great part of the plot was that it showed how people can change through the smallest of issues.

The last big thing I enjoyed about this show was that it created a great image of how your actions can affect yourself and others. It was able to show how kindness can spread amongst people. It also did a great job of demonstrating a theory as to what the afterlife is like without making it into a religious-dominant area or by making it super intense. The show was extremely funny and light-hearted which would allow anyone to be able to watch no matter their religion, beliefs, or show genre interest.

As far as recommendations go, I recommend this show to anyone trying to watch something funny as well as see how people can grow through challenges. Since that is just my opinion, I asked others for theirs.

“I thought the Good Place was overall great because it was humorous, had good acting, and kept you on edge,” said senior Alex Ross.

“I would recommend this show to someone since it’s funny and easy to keep up with,” said Thompson.

I also explained more about the show and the setting of it to one of my friends, and I was able to persuade him into, hopefully, watching it.

“I haven’t seen the show, but I think that it was a good idea to make a show about the afterlife humorously to remind people of good morals and ideals, but to add a comedic aspect,” said senior Donovan Springle.

The show is funny and light-hearted with the perfect amount of character and plot development to make it a must-watch, especially over quarantine.