The Real Man’s Best Friend

Pit Bulls have been proven to be less aggressive then Chihuahuas and Dachshunds. (picture by Kamryn Mattison)

Pit Bulls have been proven to be less aggressive then Chihuahuas and Dachshunds. (picture by Kamryn Mattison)


We always hear about vicious and deadly Pit Bull attacks on the news, and our perceptions change immediately. All Pit Bulls must be aggressive, right? All Pit Bulls must be mean and scary, right? Incorrect. There are so many people with bad opinions about Pit Bulls, and some people with such opinions have never even personally met one of the dogs in their life. Sorry to inform you, but if you think that all Pit Bulls are aggressive, then you are sorely mistaken.

No matter how much the media wants us to believe that Pit Bulls are the worst animals to ever land on our Earth, I cannot help but think about the fact that we the humans, the ones accusing them of being so vicious, bred them for our own benefit. Humans are the ones who make them fight each other to stay alive, yet we have the audacity to accuse them of being aggressive?

The media distorts the stories we see on the news, and they try very hard to make Pit Bulls look bad when a story about them surfaces. However, we all know that there is usually only a very small amount of truth to the stories, and the media often uses “Pit Bull” to make headlines and add clickbait. Most Pit Bull attacks all have something in common, they occur in less-fortunate neighborhoods, but why is it so common for Pit Bull attacks to happen in these places?

The Pit Bull attacks that we hear about often happen in poor places, where it is not uncommon to see stray dogs walking around almost everywhere. Most of the time, in these kinds of situations, the dogs have come from a life of dog-fighting. When dogs don’t meet the expectations of a dog-fighter anymore, they will be dropped on the street to fend for themselves. Many of these dogs are Pit Bulls because they are the go-to breed for dog-fighting. After being trained to fight, the dog will obviously be violent, so there is no surprise that when it comes in contact with anything, it will be vicious. When a person approaches the dog, even if they are a good samaritan, the dog will be triggered with bad memories of being abused and become defensive.

People make these dogs fight each other for money! They get wounded and hurt for our entertainment; they can’t help but to fight back because it is either fight or die. They become aggressive because of the actions of humans. When the dog loses, it gets thrown out into the street because it wasn’t “good enough.” We tend to blame the dogs’ aggressive nature on them because we don’t want to admit that it is actually our fault. They are raised to be violent, and it is all they know, so what do we expect them to be?

Are you convinced yet? Opinions can be wrong, and it is a simple fact that, when it comes to pitties, almost everyone’s opinion is indeed false. Some Pit Bulls may be aggressive, but all dogs are capable of showing aggression no matter what breed they are. Pit Bulls tend to get more heat because they are more muscular than other dogs, and people feel more threatened around them.

If I have not yet gotten you to feel any sympathy for Pit Bulls, then let’s talk about science. It has been proven that Pit Bulls are less aggressive than many other dog breeds. In a test by the American Temperament Testing Society, 931 Pit Bulls were tested, and they had a 87% pass rate. The American Pit Bull Terrier breed had a higher passing number than Golden Retrievers, Chihuahuas, and Dachshunds, which everyone seems to love so much. What does this mean? The dogs were tested on how aggressive or nice they were, and 814 of the pitties tested to be nonviolent.

If a dog is treated the right way, there is no doubt that he/she will be a loving companion. This applies to all breeds, and Pit Bulls deserve a chance to show you just how great they are. They used to be called “nanny dogs” because of how loyal and loving they were toward their owners. The aggression in Pit Bulls lies in the hands of the owner; the dogs don’t realize what is good and what is bad if they have only been taught to be aggressive. They just want love like every other creature on Earth, including us. We shouldn’t rule them out of society because of our mistakes.

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