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Hey! I'm Sarah and I'm a senior this year. I'm really excited about my final year in high school. Currently, I am writing a book I hope to be published, working as a waitress at Authentique French Creperie and a cook at Bova, and watching Cobra Kai, Brooklyn 99, and Bojack Horseman. I have an older brother, Tripp, who is a sophomore at the Citadel. Hopefully, I will be moving to Charleston with him to go to school at College of Charleston. I'm super excited about this year and hope it'll be a great one!

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I posted a poll on my Instagram to see who will and will not get the vaccination, now that all essential workers over 16 can get it (Photo Courtesy of Sarah Neal).

The Fax Of The Vax

April 9, 2021
After the rumor of Kanye and Jeffree Star spread, many people on social media began making jokes about it (Photo courtesy of Sarah Neal).

Ay Good Morning Kanye

January 28, 2021
This is what I was wearing when I was sexually assaulted. It doesn't matter what you were wearing, I promise (Photo courtesy of Sarah Neal).

1 in 9

January 14, 2021
Emily Schwendemann

Emily Schwendemann

December 14, 2020
Mayra Kauffman has dealt with Alp ever since she was born. Finally, Alp has made her way into Mayra’s mind. Set immediately after Tommy’s death, Mayra struggles to find a way to kill Alp, once and for all. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Neal).

The Alp

November 10, 2020
The Carolina Center for Behavioral Health is, simply put, a mental hospital. It’s a short term stay facility where at risk kids, teenagers, and adults stay for, on average, 7 days. At this hospital, they also offer rehab and have an Alzheimer's unit. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Neal).

One Day At A Time

October 19, 2020
 Pharmacies offer a wide variety of feminine hygiene products that any woman can purchase (Photo courtesy of Sarah Neal).


April 22, 2020
Students at the Citadel prepare for the next potential war, as they get drafted before anyone else (Photo courtesy of Tripp Neal).

World War: Season 3

February 3, 2020
Every year, Downtown Greenville turns the field in between the Chocolate Moose Bakery & Café and the Courtyard into Ice on Main, a community ice skating rink. Ice on Main is open from November 15th to January 20th of next year (Photo courtesy of Sarah Neal).

Winter Wonderland

January 17, 2020
This image shows the pages of a history textbook depicting the holocaust. An image of the Uighur camps today shows the similarities of the two camps (Photo courtesy of Sarah Neal).

History Repeats

December 3, 2019
Every night, Tommy Byrnes has nightmares. He has had these nightmares since he was little. However, he doesn’t remember the dreams when he wakes up. Instead, he believes he had a dreamless sleep. Subconsciously, he is compelled to do certain actions. He has no reason why he does these things, until he finally remembers a nightmare (Photo courtesy of Sarah Neal).

Wake Up

November 1, 2019
These articles and images show what is happening in Hong Kong (Photo courtesy of Sarah Neal).

What Protests?

October 11, 2019
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Sarah Neal