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Thomas Calamia
I’m Thomas Calamia, and I’m a reporter for the Brashier Middle College Newspaper staff. This is my second year writing for the newspaper. My main job is to write pieces for the newspaper. This ranges from short pieces like news briefs to a long stories like feature stories. I am an Eagle Scout, a gentleman and swimmer. I have been scouting ever since I was in 1st grade.  I have gone through both cub scouts and boy scouts. If it weren’t for that program, I would not be the person that I am today. Also, I used to swim competitively. Writing is something that I’ve always loved to do. Creatively, this class lets me have a little more freedom than I usually do and lets me show a little more personality and individuality than I usually do in other classes where I write, like in English.  In my free time, I like to play copious amounts of videogames, read a plethora of books, listen to a surfeit of indie and alternative music, and write creative stories. I am a huge geek too. If it’s a videogame, or a nerdy movie/TV show, chances are that I’ve probably at least heard of it.

Thomas Calamia, Reporter

May 16, 2012
The Story of Cave Story Will Blow You Away (Story)
May 09, 2012
Call of Duty: Black Ops II trailer met with varying opinions (Story)
May 07, 2012
Retro Video Games Make a Comeback with ‘Nightmare Busters’ (Story)
Jan 25, 2012
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Dec 14, 2011
Spirit Week Storm (Story/Media)
Nov 21, 2011
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Nov 16, 2011
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Oct 07, 2011
Web: tool or a toy? (Story)
Aug 29, 2011
Riots in Britain Affecting World (Story)
May 03, 2011
Question of the Week (Story)
Mar 04, 2011
Open PM (Story)
Mar 04, 2011
Rising Gas Prices (Story)
Feb 24, 2011
The Next Evolution of Books (Story)
Feb 17, 2011
Mubarak Steps down, military takes control (Story)
Feb 01, 2011
State of the Union Address (Story)
Jan 06, 2011
Pizza Makings Without Pizza (Story)
Jan 06, 2011
Know When To Hold’em (Story)
Jan 06, 2011
New Class, New Game (Story)
Dec 07, 2010
The News on News (Story)
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Thomas Calamia