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A Mind Divided

The Mind, In All Its Glory [Photograph from: <a href=Brain vector designed by Freepik]" class="catboxphoto" />

The Mind, In All Its Glory [Photograph from: Brain vector designed by Freepik]


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To simplify humanity into two distinct groups, exemplified by the phrase, “there are two types of people in the world,” misses the fact of a diverse population of individuals in the world entirely. However, the human mind does have a common basis throughout humanity in terms of outlook.

“Calling a person creative means they are open minded to new things or have a different way of seeing; calling a person analytical means they are more straightforward and to the point. I think the main difference is an analytical person states their views while a creative person expresses them,” says Junior Brooke Toops.

The benighted divide put between the “creative” and the “analytical” has a lasting effect on the livelihoods of many people, but the first eighteen years of life are where the boundary is persistently drawn.

“In school, creative students are thought to not benefit the grade point average. The system is built to cater to analytical over creative minded students because, even if creative students bring awards and notoriety, ranking is still based on cold hard grades,” says Junior Nolan Clark.

There are institutions that, unlike the public school system, resolutely adhere to one mindset of learning as to better help their students understand and develop their own talents.

“The Fine Arts Center helps push and develop students creative side, and the Governor’s School focuses on higher education and the increase of knowledge,” says Senior Layne Marshall.

Institutions of those kinds help some students an innumerable amount with a specialized view of education, but public schools for all students should still focus on blending both mindsets into their curriculum. A certain classroom phenomenon might have begun to bridge the divide among students.

“Kahoot is a fun and enjoyable way to study for quizzes and tests, but it causes competition and stress over a subject, so it becomes more disruptive to learning,” says Junior Victoria Grabovskiy.  

The activity may not solve the problem, but it does catch students’ attention and make learning more of a game than a chore. If this aid has become restrictive to learning, and the perfect blend of the mindsets is still sought out, are there any inherently blended subjects in schools?

“English mixes strengths of the analytical and creative very well as there is the one side with rules like punctuation and grammar, but then you can manipulate those rules and the most interesting free form stories can be made,” says Marshall.

Even if English offers more opportunities for students to work with both mindsets equally, electives and extracurricular activities are more likely to incite fervor into students’ intellect as they have a choice in taking the course, and through that a blend can be captured.

“Take courses like computer programming, art appreciation, and music theory, for instance; they all blend the mindsets and require different mental leaps. Computer programming has analytical students invent creative ways to make the program work, and both art appreciation and music theory have creative students analyze art forms within a specific structure,” says Clark.

Not all subjects can offer those same opportunities and therefore require additional assignments and even epiphanes from the teachers to make all their students understand what they have to learn.

“Regardless of subject, doing problems out of a book does not work, but teachers are becoming inventive and the limits of what is called homework and a project are being pushed in the right direction, allowing students to make connections by thinking things out creatively and representing the subjects in new ways,” says Toops.

The supposed divide between the analytical and creative minds has led to a disconnect between many people, but there is enough common ground and understanding to cooperate, which would not exist in a world wholly ran by one mindset.

“A creative world may lose track of little disciplines like due dates, but in a totally analytical world, individuality would be suppressed to a degree. However, that could lead to a better development of self because such a world would necessitate adaptability to survive,” says Clark.  

Even if the population would generally flourish in such a world, many would still be left unhappy because they would effectively be discriminated against because of their minds.

“Some people do learn well the same way, but if every single lesson was taught with a particular focus on that mindset, at least half the world’s population would feel unfulfilled,” says Grabovskiy.

The satisfaction of the entire world is truly impossible, but the search for the appeasement of most is still important. The answer to the appeasement may be simpler than anyone could have imagined..

“Everyone can benefit by thinking from another person’s perspective, especially if they think differently than you. When you have a conversation with someone you just met, you take away all these new ideas and try to understand how they could have thought of them. Understanding where someone came from with their perspective is the first step in blending the two mindsets,” says Toops.

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A Mind Divided