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Insensitive or Overlysensitive


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Today and throughout history, you could be separated by the color of your skin, how much money you have, how smart you are, or how talented you are. The ways people were separated in the past has an impact on the way we live today. Today’s society awards and compliments everyone as a whole, instead of individually awarding people. Our society has been pinned as the ‘Age of Sensitivity’. The Age of Sensitivity started from trying to overcome separation between people. The sensitivity stems from not wanting to pity others and to build self-esteem; the sensitivity restricts genuine appreciation of other’s unique gifts. The sensitivity of society has been stirred up by a billboard in North Carolina. Spicer Greene Jewelers set the billboard up as a way to advertise their jewels, yet the billboard backfired and caused outrage. The billboard caused many to react in different ways; for instance, some thought the billboard was not that big of a deal.

“I don’t agree with the billboard…it’s alluding to domestic abuse and trying to make a pun out of abuse,” says Senior Dhruvi Patel.

The billboard is thought to be clever by others; some even chuckled at the billboard. This is the kind of reaction that Spicer Greene Jewelers wanted. When I told some of the interviewees about the negative approach that people see, they were stunned.

“I think that people are too sensitive; it’s an obvious joke and people take things too seriously. I think the billboard is a clever joke because why would someone just outright promote abuse?” says Junior Ethan Andrews.

Though the majority of people see the billboard in either a negative or positive light, some simply see the billboard and don’t think anything about it. When I asked some interviewees about the billboard, one did not have a reaction.

“If I would have seen that billboard while driving, I would have thought nothing about it. I can understand why people would be sensitive to what the billboard is saying, yet it is obvious that the jewelry store did not mean for people to analyze it in a negative light. A billboard is just a way to advertise a company, and I would have not paid any attention into that billboard,” says Senior Saijia Teamer-Land.

The billboard proved to social media that the society is simply too sensitive. More and more have decided that you cannot say anything without offending someone. On the opposite side, some believe that the society is not sensitive enough.
“I think that this billboard could potentially trigger a person who has been abused. They would feel offended that a company would try to make a joke out of abuse. Though many think that the society is too sensitive, I see this billboard and it makes me believe that the society is not sensitive enough,” says Sophomore Kenya Adams.

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Insensitive or Overlysensitive