Aaron Lamont


Favorite Movie: Chicken Run
Favorite Song: MGMT – Kids
Favorite Class: U.S. History
Favorite Food: Pretzels
Favorite Slang Word: Tea
Senior Project: Farming
Favorite Brashier Memory: At the end of Freshmen year, when it was really hot outside, Alex Grey gave me a cold Baja Blast. That was a pretty good day.
Future Plan: Delve into architecture, or some form of blue-collared work, while juggling side-hustles in an effort to raise money to reduce taxes via applicable modules so I can pursue more creative endeavors without taking as big of a financial risk.
I’d Like to Thank… Mrs. Glasow, for helping me learn how to draw better and giving me an outlet to practice new techniques.
I’m Going to Miss… Too many people. Like, a lot.