Allie Weber


What’s your favorite movie?

“Roman Holiday”

What’s your favorite song?

“Good Things Fall Apart by Illenium & John Bellion”

What’s your favorite TV show to binge watch?

“Friends or Vampire Diaries”

What was/ is your favorite class at Brashier?


What’s your favorite food?

“Anything Italian”

What’s your favorite slang word?


What is your Senior Project idea?

“Designing and building a scale model of a home”

What is your favorite Brashier memory?

“Too many- lots in newspaper, in random classes at school, and going to dances with my friends”

What are your future plans?

“Hopefully attend Clemson for either architecture or engineering!”

Complete this sentence: I’d like to thank _________.

“My parents, my friends, and the teachers at Brashier”

Complete this sentence: Next year, I’m going to miss ________.

“Making high school memories and all of my friends who I’ll cherish forever”