Beaule in Brashier Baseball


Mary Beaule

Connor Beaule is a student athlete for Brashier Middle College (Photo courtesy of Mary Beaule).

Being a student at Brashier comes with a load of school work but it can also come with the fun of extracurriculars. Some of these extracurriculars include clubs and sports. Someone who takes advantage of these opportunities is Connor Beaule, who excels as both a scholar and an athlete. He is a member of Beta Club and a player on Brashier’s baseball team.

“Although it is stressful trying to balance my school work with baseball, it is so worth getting to be part of the team and being connected to my school other than just taking classes there,” said junior Connor Beaule.

Being part the team teaches Connor many lessons about being cooperative and creates bonds that he will remember and cherish forever. It is eye opening that the sport Connor loves so much brings him and his team together. The baseball team grows closer together and works together in order to achieve something great and Beaule loves this about the team that he has the chance to be a part of.

“The guys are like my family and I would probably do anything for them. Baseball is the sport I’ve played all my life so it’s great getting to spend time with people who appreciate it just as much as I do,” said Beaule.

Mallory Smith
The baseball team has a bond through the love of the sport they play (Photo courtesy of Mallory Smith).

Beaule has played baseball for seven years but is constantly trying to get better. In order to achieve this, he gets help from his team and inspiration from his dad. These are the things that motivate Connor to continue his dream of playing and being great at baseball. 

“The team is really what motivated me to keep on playing but the original reason I even started playing the sport is because my dad played in high school. He passed down a tradition to me and it inspires me to keep going and get better,” said Beaule

Connor loves to play the sport but when he is not playing, he is doing just as much, if not more, to help support the team. He is cheering on whomever is up and helps them through whatever they are trying to accomplish.

“Being able to cheer my boys on is probably one of the best parts of being on the team and I prefer getting to watch and support my family. I wouldn’t change it for the world,” said Beaule.

Although baseball and school take up the majority of his time, Connor began working on the grounds crew for the Greenville Drive earlier this year. This allows him to stay connected to baseball even when he is not on the field.

“The first game I worked was the Clemson and Carolina game and it was crazy since there was like 8,000 people there. It made me pretty nervous but so far the job has been great and I love that it involves the sport I love,” said Beaule.

Although he does not wish to continue to play after high school, Connor is invested in this team and gives it his all through his dedication. Between balancing the sport with school and spending most of his days on the field, to working hard to be his best and to cheer on others to be their best, Connor has a full plate to be a high school student who just wants to play like his father did.