Behind the Screens


Grace Daniel

Smash Club is one of Brashier’s most unique clubs. Members meet weekly to learn new video gaming techniques and practice their skills together (Photo credits to Grace Daniel).

Smash Club is a student-organized after school club designed for students who enjoy video games, specifically Super Smash Bros., to meet each other and play together. The game is a large crossover of many different video games which opens a door for fans of all different video games to come together around one. Members of this unique club meet each Friday after school. While many students may not know how the club works, it’s hard to miss the enormous television screens and mass of students gathered behind the kitchen area.

“Smash Club is simply a bunch of people bringing TVs and various gaming consoles to school to play Super Smash Bros. together. I have had many people tell me lots of positive things about it, and they were right about what a cool club it is,” said freshman Maximus McBride.

Smash Club was created by students as a place to share their skills and knowledge of video games with others who share the same passion. While gaming takes extreme focus and lots of practice to succeed, these skills are not recognized and appreciated in school. Students like Santino Longobardi decided to take this issue into their own hands and produce an environment where all those interested in video games can come together and learn more.

“Smash Club is really about welcoming anyone who is interesting in Super Smash Bros. and wants to get better at it. We all practice together, matching up different skill levels and playing with different characters so we can all find out what works best for us. It gets very exciting. There are all different skill levels and matchups and I love seeing everyone learn and get better at something they’re so passionate about,” says senior and head of the Smash Club Santino Longobardi.

Each Friday, Smash Club members bring in all kinds of things, from gaming controllers and consoles to large televisions. They group around their various screens to challenge each other to rounds of Super Smash Bros. Recently, the crowd has grown larger than their consoles can handle, so members talk and get to know each other while they wait their turn.

“It’s a place for nerds to come hang out and challenge each other and themselves. My friends and I decided to join because we grew up playing Super Smash Bros. We meet new people and hopefully create some new fans of the game along the way,” said freshman Caleb Aim.

These video-game-lovers have created a unique and inclusive friend group based on their love and passion for various types of video games. Most of them joined the creative club to meet new people who shared the same interests. Solely on their love for video games, students in Smash Club have gotten to know each other beyond their once a week Friday meetings.

“I heard about Smash Club from some people in my classes and it sounded really cool. I mean, what’s cooler than a bunch of people bringing giant TVs into school? I really want to come back. Just watching other people play [Super Smash Bros.] is fun, even if I’m not playing myself,” said sophomore Hannah Stewart on her first visit to Smash Club.

While Smash Club members are determined not to let numbers define them, they have certainly been successful in their numbers. Attendance fluctuates weekly, but the devoted students involved enjoy it whether their meeting space is empty or filled to the brim. This year alone average attendance has almost doubled!

“A lot of people come to play, but some people come just to be the audience. I think it’s really fun either way. Sometimes there are only a couple of people, but lately there have been a lot more. It’s been cool watching it grow,” said Aim.

While no one knows when the club was actually created, Smash Club has proven to have a significant impact on Brashier and its students. Its dedicated members continue to defy the odds and pour their passion and energy into the club, allowing it to stand strong and build a legacy.

Grace Daniel
Super Smash Bros. is one of the most popular games for large groups of people because it allows players to choose from a massive selection of characters from various video games (Photo credits to Grace Daniel).

“Smash Club bring a lot of energy and characteristics in people that you wouldn’t normally see. I’ve met so many people and it’s exciting to learn more about people based on how they play. Every time I think the club may start to die out, [the members] prove me wrong and keep the club constantly growing. I love seeing how far Smash Club has come and it’s really been an amazing thing for me to invest in and be able to pass on once I leave Brashier,” said Longobardi.

Essentially, Smash Club is about bringing video game enthusiasts together for a fun after school weekly event. However, it’s so much more than that. Smash Club is a place for students to feel welcomed in a relaxed environment where they can experience competition and friendship. Smash Club members pride themselves in their club culture that is unique to Brashier.

“I would definitely recommend it to anyone because it’s a fun way to meet new people. However, I think it’s important that anyone looking to join isn’t necessarily just good at playing video games, but also respects them and the skill they require. It’s really fun to play with people who appreciate Super Smash Bros.,” said McBride.