Bengals Baseball Batting 1000%

Determined to make the best out of every moment this baseball season, coach Bibb is pushing his team to their outermost limits in every way. He’s “really just giving them the experience they need in games and keep them motivated, you know, making the playoffs last year, I think they really jumped on board my program. Also just trying to be a good role model.”

When they’re out on the field practicing, Bibb is right there with them fielding them grounders and working with them on their throwing.

TJ, a junior who is trying out for the team this year says this about Bibb: “ I don’t know, I mean, I didn’t have him last year, he’s young, but has a lot of experience, um, he’s fresh out of college but  he’s a good leader.”

Bibb has a lot of confidence in his team; he says that when they’re motivated, they’ll go a long way. Benn Villverde is new to the team this year, but has had a lot of experience at J.L Mann, where he played last year. He, along with several other juniors are going to be the moving force of the team this year.  

“I think players like Ben Vilverde, didn’t have him last year, but he’ll be good for our team,  Heath Duncan, he’s an all around athlete, Patrick Chambers and Chris Lancaster; he’s a good third baseman, and also  Jacob Millet,” Bibb said.

One of the biggest problems with the team this year is the lack of players. They have a lot of leaders, but they could use all the players they can get. 

 “Not too many students are motivated to come out to play on the team,” Bibb said. “The biggest thing is just that we need more to come out to tryouts, doesn’t mean everyone will make it on, but we could use some more talent.”