Enoch Orozco

CallMeCarson faces serious allegations after supposedly sharing explicit photos with a minor (Photo Courtesy of Enoch Orozco).

As 2020 transitioned into 2021, many people looked forward with optimism, with most people saying, “2021 can’t be worse than 2020!” In a thread on Twitter, content creator CallMeCarson made a sarcastic comment, saying, “You thought 2020 was bad, just wait to see how bad 2021 can be!” Most people brushed this off as a nonsense comment, most likely because that was Carson’s intention, but his tweet had way worse implications in retrospect.

Only a few days after the thread, on January 4, Keemstar, host of YouTube channel DramaAlert, released a video about serious allegations surrounding CallMeCarson. In the video, Keemstar interviews two of Carson’s friends, Noah and Travis, both of whom just got out of their contract involving Carson and the content creator group Lunch Club. According to Noah, aka Hugbox, Carson confided in his friends and admitted to exchanging explicit photos and inappropriate messages with minors in March of 2020. At the time, Carson would have been 19 years old; nevertheless, his actions are illegal in terms of federal law. The two interviewees said they couldn’t speak up sooner because legal action could’ve been taken involving their contract with Carson. Keemstar also found a thread on Twitter in which one of the victims came forth and shared his side of the story. The Twitter user offered proof and screenshots of their conversations validating what had happened.

Soon after this video was released, Carson’s community and those around it exploded with conversation and questions. Some questioned the validity of the allegations, while others immediately jumped to calling Carson a pedophile and trying to “cancel” him. Some of Carson’s friends were completely blindsided, and others were quick to speak out following Noah and Travis. Charlie, aka Slimecicle, released a statement saying when he heard about this back in March, he immediately reported it to the federal police and distanced himself from Carson. Since they were all involved in the Lunch Club contract, many of his friends refrained from saying anything earlier, but all of them seemed to slowly distance themselves from him. 

One of his friends, JSchlatt, did not make a statement for the first two days, and many people looked to him for a response to the situation. On January 6, Schlatt released a video on his more serious 2nd channel, theweeklyslap, where he shared his side of the story. In his video, Schlatt explains that while he wished to distance himself from Carson, he felt like Carson was on the brink of suicide. All of this happened around the same time that Carson was allegedly cheated on, so he was obviously struggling with a lot. Carson told Schlatt that he was getting better and on the path to recovery, but in reality, he was making no progress. Following months of walking Carson along the path to recovery, Schlatt also distanced himself from Carson.

As a few weeks have passed, no big breakthroughs seem to have happened. The allegations are all but confirmed, and the drama seems to have come and gone. While this is a big deal to Carson’s community and the victims involved, it is not federally incriminating. While being in possession of explicit photos of a minor is illegal, any judge would see the two year age difference and shrug it off as teens being teens. Whether or not that is ok, that is the reality of the situation. Carson will likely only suffer repercussions in the public eye, but he will not likely suffer any federal charges.

The problem the general public sees is the power imbalance. The two year age difference between ages 19 and 17 is not a huge deal to many people,, but a content creator taking advantage of his fans is. This topic is debated, however, as he never explicitly holds his power over the victims from what we have seen. Nevertheless,  it is implied in the same way a boss shouldn’t be involved with an employee. Carson has lost a lot of respect from his most loyal fans and will most likely not be involved in future content creation. Some of his friends have even gone to the lengths of removing every video of theirs that he is in. This controversy will affect him and his victims for the rest of their lives.