Cody Vogel


What’s your favorite movie?

“Avengers Endgame”

What’s your favorite song?

“Chivalry is Dead”

What’s your favorite TV show to binge watch?


What was/ is your favorite class at Brashier?

“Biology Honors”

What’s your favorite food?

“Chicken Alfredo”

What’s your favorite slang word?


What is your Senior Project idea?

“Building a deck (But I wanted to get my pilots license)”

What is your favorite Brashier memory?

“Going to state junior year”

What are your future plans?

“Orthodontist. Start a practice in Bellingham Washington”

Complete this sentence: I’d like to thank _________.

“I would like to thank Mr. Fleming for teaching me Cornell notes have value”

Complete this sentence: Next year, I’m going to miss ________.

“Next year, I’m going to miss my sanity.”