Cosmic Skin Care

Angel Sarmiento proves that caring for your skin without breaking the bank is possible. It just takes hard work (Photo courtesy of Angel Sarmiento).

Angel Sarmiento proves that caring for your skin without breaking the bank is possible. It just takes hard work (Photo courtesy of Angel Sarmiento).


Arguably, the most important thing that can easily be neglected in the daily routine is the face. The skin on one’s face is much more sensitive than the rest of the body and is prone to blemishes and outbreaks. Caring for this easily recognizable part of your body goes a long way, and one senior project student understands this concept better than anyone else.

“This past year I’ve really loved using face masks myself, especially from Lush, so I was really inspired to attempt [to create] my own masks and brand. Of course, I wanted to attempt putting my own twist on a classic charcoal mask, but I’ve also ventured into trying new ingredients that I haven’t [ever used] before,” said senior Angel Sarmiento.

Cosmic Skin Care uses simple, all-natural ingredients to effectively aid in skin issues. Sarmiento’s first mask, Moon Dust, is an activated charcoal mask which aids in alleviating inflammation.

“Moon Dust specifically helps with inflammation, unclogging the pores, and drawing out impurities in the skin. [T]he activated charcoal helps shrink pores by binding to the dirt in the pores and then drawing it out. Bentonite clay absorbs excess oil, which unclogs the pores. Those are the two main ingredients. [The others] help reduce inflammation and even out the complexion of the skin,” said Sarmiento.

Unfortunately, there is no magical product that works for all skin types.  Like most skin care products, testing the product before using the full mask is recommended to ensure the mask has no adverse reactions.

“Just as everyone should do with any product going on their face, testing the mask on the forearm ensures that it is safe for that individual to then use on their face. Everyone’s skin is different and can react differently to any of the ingredients! From what I’ve seen, different masks are aimed at one or two skin types, but not all types. Moon Dust works best for those who consider their skin to be oily,” said Sarmiento.

Luckily for Sarmiento, she is learning something that will prove to be invaluable in the future, not just making skin care products for herself and others, or even turning a profit, but networking.

“The communication skills and experience [are going to help in the future.]. I’ve had to get in touch and communicate with different people, like my mentor, some other members of the community, and those individuals who first tested the masks. It’s definitely helped me become more decisive and confident in my decisions,” said Sarmiento.

Sarmiento’s products are available via her Instagram under the username @cosmicskincare (Photo courtesy of Angel Sarmiento).

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