Dear Class of 2020


Micheal J. Martinez

Class of 2020 students are trying to make the best out of the situation by still taking their senior pictures (Photo courtesy of Instagram, photo credits to @mjmfotos).

Dear 2020 Seniors,

Your senior year has been cut short, and you are missing out on the time of your life. As a junior, I can barely understand the things you must be feeling. So, I will try to put myself in your shoes for a moment. 

I would be completely devastated not getting to spend the last few months of high school with the friends and people I had grown with since freshman year. The thought of not knowing if I would get to live out my senior prom, graduation ceremony, and the last few moments I had left with everyone in school would put me in a place so far down only other seniors could understand. Having to see everyone post their senior pictures in “support” of seniors would make me want to scream and wonder if anyone else understands. It would be like they are rubbing it in that they got to graduate and live the best time of their lives while I don’t get to.

But, in all of that, I would have to force myself to look forward to the future. College would be here in just a few months with many more experiences and friends to look forward to meeting. Everyone around feels awful that seniors don’t get this time fully, including teachers such as Mike Diener. He posted a video to the seniors showing how much he really cares about his students and even students that he’s never had. 

You’re at home. Most of you needed a break from your classes, especially Senior Project. But, none of you needed it to last this long. Sitting at home is not how your last year was supposed to be. All the traditions that you might miss out on and already are is heartbreaking.

I, personally, was excited to see my senior friends live out their last year and even spend part of that with them. I just can’t believe I won’t get to see them as I walk down the hall next year. But, when we all come out of this, you will be closer to more people than you ever thought. You got to live through a pandemic your senior year, and so did everyone else in your class. Take some time to continue to talk to and connect with the other people who are feeling very similar emotions to you. 

Prom has already been canceled, but, going to such a tight knit, small school, I can only hope they will keep up their promise of not canceling the day you get to walk across the stage and get your diploma. Even if, you will all still get the recognition that you deserve. You worked hard for it and everyone sees that. 

Although none of this is my fault, I can’t help but scream I’m so sorry that you’re missing out on your last year of high school. Please push yourself to look forward to the future and everything that it has in store for you. This is NOT the end; it is only the beginning.


A Class of 2021 Student