Lally’s purpose for her project is to share the somewhat less known emotional topics surrounding pregnancy (Photo courtesy of Audrey Lally).

Audrey Lally

Lally’s purpose for her project is to share the somewhat less known emotional topics surrounding pregnancy (Photo courtesy of Audrey Lally).


Senior projects often showcase the wide range of time that student’s invest in it. Some students will do the bare minimum to pass, but others opt to create projects that they can be proud of years in year to come because of the time they chose to invest. These projects come out well made and polished, and often show the distinguishing characteristics that the teacher groups look for. The only thing more satisfying is to spend all that time working on a project that will help the student in his or her future career.

“My project is an informative photo book about pregnancy. It covers a wide range of topics such as maternal diseases, deliveries, infertility, and more. For each topic, there is a picture depicting how the woman felt, an interview, and a small section of medical information. During the interview, I ask, ‘How did this make you feel in a metaphorical way?’ The answer to the question gives me inspiration for the location of the shoot, how I edit the pictures in Photoshop, the angle, etc. Essentially, you can search any maternal disease and find loads of medical information. However, you most likely will not come across a raw retelling from a woman who has actually experienced it,” said senior Audrey Lally.

Lally’s project, passionately inspired by her career choice, covers numerous situations during a woman’s pregnancy. A woman is interviewed and then a photoshoot is done. The emotion carried in her project is undoubtedly from the emotional connection that Lally feels when working with these women.

“The purpose of my project is to share and inform others of the more untold, emotional, and vulnerable aspects of pregnancy. The reason I decided to do this as my senior project is because I want to be a nurse practitioner that specializes in labor and delivery care. This project will not only help me to familiarize myself with various aspects of pregnancy, but also what women emotionally experience, making me a more empathic and understanding nurse rather than just medically aware,” said Lally.

Learning about the various topics regarding pregnancy constitutes a large portion of Lally’s project; however, it is far from the only thing that she has had to learn about. Lally is taking the pictures, editing them, and formatting her book from scratch. This project has also presented her with the opportunity to talk to members of the community.

“I enjoy photography, but I’ve never actually tried to learn about it. For example, I’ve never attempted to mess with exposure settings on a camera. For my project, I’ve had to read and learn and numerous camera settings and what makes a good picture and what does not. There are also more skills that I am learning by completing this project. For instance, attempting to edit my pictures in Photoshop and add things in like rain, fog, sun rays, and more as been so extremely difficult. To do anything in Photoshop, I’ve had to watch many videos and read tons of articles. Although I like to be social at times, I also have a ton of social anxiety, so as I complete this project, I am immensely furthering my social capabilities and skills,” said Lally.

Despite any hardships she may have when interacting with others, Lally has been positively impacted by this experience. Even before the project, Lally realized what she wanted to do in life, and that is connecting with others in an uncommon way.

“I work in retail right now and actually really enjoy it because, for the most part, I am a people person. I look forward to talking and interacting with customers. When I actively delve into nursing as a practical career choice, I kind of fell in love with it. The idea of getting to take care of a person one-on-one and being able to interact or emotionally connect with them as a job, sounds perfect to me. I am also an incredibly empathic person and felt drawn to nursing because I have the ability to emotionally connect with someone in way that most people would not be able to,” said Lally.

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