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Wendy Williams is known for her personality and has captured a large audience throughout her career, but is it time to lay her career down to rest (Photo credits to Madison Crumpton, photo courtesy of Pinterest).

Wendy Williams is known for her 13-season long talk show, “The Wendy Williams Show”. Williams is a well-known radio host, talk show host, author, and actress with a few minor roles in various shows and movies. Although, recently in the media she has been known for the controversy that she sparks. 

“If you’re on a show for 10 years- how can you not start getting too comfortable?” said junior Jieanna Southern.

Williams started out as a radio DJ during her college years at Northeastern University. She eventually moved her way up into getting her own radio shows, and eventually into her own TV show. She has always been known for her large and fierce personality, which is one reason why she had issues with working on the radio, as she did not like following scripts that were written for her and had many disputes.

“She is kind of repetitive as far as her content is concerned and her drama never ends,” said junior Isaac Ha.

Despite these issues, she is still relevant in today’s society. She performed on Fox’s “Masked Singer” this past season and while eliminated early, fans were still eager to see that it was her under the mask. While her large personality was what helped pave the way into the realm of TV, it is also the ultimate factor as to why she is failing now. Williams has had several different controversies. 

“I feel like it is inappropriate to be so problematic and controversial when as a talk show host your job is to share your opinions in a way that is respectful and drama-free,” junior William Murphy told the Bengal Beat. 

Back in January this year she accused Joaquin Phoenix of having a cleft lip. Not only does Phoenix not have a cleft lift, but she also pulled her upper lip poking fun at people who do have this natural disformity. Then the next month, she claimed that gay men shouldn’t wear heels or skirts as it would leave nothing for women. She also claimed that menstruating was the only way to be a real woman. Within days of her comment about gay men, she joked about the death of Amie Harwick who was pushed off of her balcony after being abused. Many people saw this as “insensitive” and “inconsiderate”. 

“Wendy really just needs to get it together. I feel like she is a good talk show host, but she needs to watch what she says and remember who her audience is,” added Ha. 

Of course, that isn’t all. She has dragged the names of her fellow friends into the dirt, recently. On top of calling Blac Chyna homeless and problematic, she decided to talk about Chyna’s relationship problems. Many felt it unnecessary to air out Chyna’s problems on live TV. Williams was also criticized for announcing that she did not enjoy singer Dionne Warwick. Warwick quickly clapped back on Twitter and told Williams that she didn’t have to be mean to “get noticed”. 

“I think it is time for the show to end, honestly. I don’t mind her as a person, as she seems very nice and clearly has amassed a large following. I just think she needs to work on watching what she says and the show could further blossom,” Murphy told the Bengal Beat. 

Overall, Williams has a successful career alongside being known as a “walking meme”. Even though she has gone through her struggles, she has managed to make a name for herself.