Nikki Noon


Favorite Movie: 13 going on 30
Favorite Song: As the World Caves In by Matt Maltese
Favorite TV Show: The Queen’s Gambit
Favorite Class: Anatomy
Favorite Food: Crepes
Favorite Slang Word: Vote him out
Senior Project: Refurbishing furniture to donate to nonprofits that help with housing assistance.
Favorite Brashier Memory: When my friends spilled rice on the carpet at lunch and then tried to scrape it up with spoons. They ultimately failed, and were petrified to ask Vernon for her broom.
Future Plan: To get my bachelors in nursing at greenville tech, and then eventually retire and open a coffee shop.
I’d Like to Thank… my friends for sticking with me, even if i’m not the easiest to get along with.
I’m Going to Miss… almost everyone, but I will definitely miss my friends that are moving far away for college.