The Hunted

Oh Halloween night, what a delight. I’m so ready to go out with my friends and maybe crash a few parties. I’m dressing up as a nurse with all my friends. 

As I am walking home from the bus stop, I feel as if someone is watching me. My curly brown hair is bouncing and it feels as if someone is blowing down my neck. The first time I turn around, no one is there. I repeat this again and still no one. The third time, I finally spotted him. See, somedays’ a guy follows me home and it always scares me. This last time I looked, I saw him and bolted as fast as I could. 

I continue running until he is out of sight. When he is gone, I start walking again because my house is very far and I don’t want to get too tired. My hair is a mess now; I’ll have to fix it all before I go out, ugh.

Almost everyday I feel as if someone is following me. But, today was different. He had a different look to him: creepier. Maybe I’m just paranoid because it’s Halloween night. 

He’s a tall, broad-shouldered man with short dark hair and piercing eyes. The man has a smile that all though seems genuine has a glimmer of evil in it. 

Anyways, my parents are going to an event so I’m going to have a fun night with my girls. They will have no idea I was even gone. Mom and dad are just so dumb. *ring ring* Mom calls, saying, “Sweetie, I got caught up in the office, so I’ll be out a little later.” “Oh, okay. I’ll see you when you get home,” I replied and hang up. Great, this is the perfect opportunity to have an amazing Halloween night. 

It’s beginning to get dark out and I’m all dressed up and ready to go. My girls are matching my costume and we’re going to look great.  I am going to redo my hair because that stupid guy followed me. And now I have to redo my brown smokey eye to go with the look of my nurse costume. Man, tonight better be unbelievable. 

My dad has just left out of the garage, and I’m so excited to meet my friends outside and party all night long. 

Honestly, I hate being home alone because I always get a weird feeling, like people are watching me. Even though my house has a camera at the front, I still get an eerie feeling; especially after that man followed me today. I just hear someone jiggling the door and trying to knock the door down. So, I rush down the stairs but find nothing. 

All of a sudden, outside my window I see the garage door opening. I hope it’s not my dad back already. He can’t see me dressed like this; I’ll be grounded for weeks! Usually, he beeps when he gets home though, so I immediately know it’s not him. I need to hide from whoever or whatever is trying to get inside. 

I’m running up the stairs to hide as I hear something trying to break down the door between the garage and the entrance to my house. Quickly as I get in my room I slam my door as loudly as I can just to make sure whoever is trying to get in knows I’m here. That didn’t stop him, though. He stomps up the stairs but continues down the hall very quietly. 

He’s opening all the doors in the hallway. I dial 911 on my phone. The dispatcher doesn’t seem too helpful but asks my address. I reply, 2122 Forest Tree Lane as quickly and as quietly as possible. 

I now hang up with the 911 dispatcher and dial the number for my mom’s cells. Luckily she picks up immediately. I am frantically telling her to come home when he jiggles the handle and tries to break down the door. “AH GO AWAY YOU CRAZY STALKER!”

He continues to jiggle the handle and is hitting the door with something. AHHHH STOP IT! The door breaks down and he pushes the remains of it out of his way. HELP HELP ANYONE! I grab books and lamps to throw but he’s still coming towards me. He’s in now. 

I am face-to-face with my stalker as I scream for one last time…