The Hunter

Ah yes. Halloween night, the most thrilling night of the year. I haven’t quite decided what I should dress up as this year, but I’ve already picked my victim. 

I think this to myself as she walks home, I watch her diligently, and like a fool she hardly notices the man who watches her every day after school. Today she seems upset; I think she is crying. 

I scared her unintentionally… for now. She looked up, stared at me, and then took off into her house. Tonight will be fun for sure. 

I walk down the road to my discreet hideout, a shed, small enough to hide me from the unknowing world. I keep my trophies here, their costumes, and it is where I store my tools. 

I do it for the thrill, one girl, every year on Halloween night. It doesn’t matter what they look like or what their costume is, I just know. I see her and I know. I mix it up too. I always torture and kill her different than I did the last. 

This one is Tiffany, a bronzed-skinned teenager. She’s the rebellious type. I always love the ones who put up a fight. Sometimes I sneak around her house; it just makes my work easier when the time comes. I already know her parents are going to a party, and that Tiffany is supposed to stay home. But I also know that she is sneaking out to go meet some friends. 

Dusk is upon the town, I decide to go with a clown outfit for the occasion. It seems pretty common this year, and no would can catch a serial killer if everyone dresses the same. 

I am in the backyard patiently waiting for her dad to leave when I hear it. The garage door opens, and her dad is gone. From my position I can see through her window, she is ready now. It seems like Tiffany is going as… I think… a hot nurse! Wow, isn’t this fun. I couldn’t have picked a better girl. 

I decide to start towards the house. I know the front door has a camera, but the back door doesn’t. But I have encountered an unforeseen problem: the door is locked. I jiggle on the door handle with no result, so I try to break down the door. I decide that it is useless and too loud but right when I decide to walk around the house… Tiffany walks down stairs. I grimace and duck down. 

This is going to be harder than I expected, but on the bright side, Tiffany looks flawless in that costume. I go around to the garage, wondering if she saw me. To my advantage, the garage door did not close all the way. I simply pull it up, walk over, and slide it back down, all the while chuckling to myself. 

I realize that Tiffany must know someone is trying to get in the house, seeing as how unstealthily I have entered the house. Oh well, so much for the element of surprise. As I walk towards the door connecting the house and garage, I hear a click and then I hear heavy footsteps up the stairs. 

This door is much leaner than the back door; a couple kicks was all it took. I decide to grab an ax I found in the garage on the way inside.

Her house is huge, but I realize her room is upstairs. This shouldn’t take much longer. As I head up the stairs, I hear a door slam. Tiffany must have been waiting to see if I would come inside. How interesting. I draw out the experience for her. I stomp up the stairs very slowly, but walk quietly down the hall. I want her to know that I am coming; I want her scared and I want her to freeze in fear. 

I open each door on the way down the hall, quietly and eerily. As I open the first door, I realize it is not her room and move on. I hear her talking in a hushed but frantic tone. I have to hurry now. I open the second door, but no Tiffany. I go to the third door, I can hear her better now. 

Is she on the phone with her parents? Or worse, the police?  No, I must get her quick! I go to open the door but it is locked, I jiggle the door handle to scare her. Tiffany is crying and screaming for me to go away. She is sobbing. I like her petrified. 

The door will not break no matter how hard I try. I take the ax, courtesy of Tiffany’s parents, and tear down the door. I put all of my weight into it. I get a small opening and I can see her in the corner. I give her a big sneer. She screams deliciously. I continue to shred the door, I have a wide opening now. I push it open further with my hands and step into her room. She is crying for help now, no, screaming for help. She is throwing things at me but she cannot stop me now. I have completely stepped into the room.

I am face-to-face with her, Tiffany, my victim. I walk towards her as she makes her final blood-curdling scream..