What Makes a Good Story?


Leah Johnson

The Bengal Beat Staff loves finding purpose in all good stories (Picture credits to Leah Johnson).

A good story starts with three things from a writer: a process, a passion, and a perspective. Process gives a writer a way to portray his/her ideas in a formatted setting. Passion gives writers a drive and purpose to write. Perspective gives writers a side to address a topic from. All of these writing tools are very important in the success of a good story. 

“[My process is] I choose a topic then I do enough research to write unbiasedly,” said senior Sarah Neal.

Every writer has a different writing process. For some this looks like a brainstorming process, maybe a rough draft or a research outline. For others, they may just write from their gut. It is different for each writer because it specifically helps them see their ideas come to life. This process can help a writer consolidate their ideas and confirm their view on the topic. This process is essential for writers to find what is truly important in their story. 

“Anything that you’re passionate about can be amazing. Having that much fire for something allows you to create something the readers can truly dive into,” said senior Allie Weber.

Any writer can portray a passion for a story;but those with a true passion for a topic can take the reader to a whole different level of understanding.  This passion can create a drive to share these stories with people. This passion definitely shows in a writer’s work. A work with passion is usually written more in depth than a regular story. It shows a fire for a topic that a reader cannot see from any other writer. This passion is a vital part in creating a well written story. 

“If it’s from an objective perspective, then thorough research and facts; if from a subjective perspective, then a compelling argument or personal story,” said junior Peyton Ludwig. 

Perspective creates a side to a good story. It is the argument of a writer’s personal opinion or beliefs on the chosen topic. This perspective can add to the drive of a writer’s work. There are many different perspectives that writers can use. Objective perspectives are a type of perspective that is not influenced by personal feelings or opinions and considers the represented facts. However, a subjective perspective is when the writer bases their writing off of an opinionated perspective. Both styles of perspectives can contribute to an amazing story. 

“A good story is when you take the time to put your passion and complete attention into a story. It doesn’t matter how good your vocabulary is, or how good your caption is or anything like that. A good story is based solely on your passion,” said Junior Madison Crumpton.

Process, passion and perspective are all crucial roles in a good story.  Together they can create a story worth reading and potentially a depth and a greater understanding for the reader.